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Awesome: Hotel Transylvania
  • Even though vampires in this film prefer to drink substitutes rather than human blood, they still burn up if underneath sunlight for too long. But after learning his faults when Jonathan leaves for his home, dejected, Drac completely disregards his own life when rushing outside to the local airport, turning into a bat, chasing a plane on lift-off, finding Jonathan through a window, and sending a message to him through a hypnotized pilot, all while literally SMOKING from the sunlight! Damn!
    • It also goes to show that he deserves his reputation. He was worried that being in the sun would kill Mavis, and then survived what must have been at least ten minutes in direct sunlight. If she could die from sunlight while inside, how powerful must he be that what makes him look badass is that he put up with the pain.
  • Quasimodo taking on Dracula's entire army at once, including dozens of suits of ghost armor and a brigade of flying gargoyles, all whilst having a human on his back. He even kicks a suit of armor so hard that it hurts!
    Suit of Armor: *falls to the floor while groaning in pain* Why did that hurt me?
  • Johnny and Drac's flying table fight, whereon Johnny matches the king of the vampires in raw skill, grinding a table off the ceiling and diving through a barricade.
  • Everything Winnie does. Every single one of her brothers will stop fighting for fear of accidentally getting in her way, and all she needs to do is sniff Johnny's shirt to know which seat of which plane he's on, when the plane takes off, and that he ordered the vegetarian meal.
  • The Zing Song at the end of the movie. [1]
    • Drac's rapping is even better! For rap-y goodness, skip to 0:48.
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