Funny / Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?

  • Ash and Papa Burch get a religious pamphlet outside E3, decide that it must be for a game, which they dub Super Jesus 64. They then try to convince a booth babe to help promote it.
  • Like Big Boss, natch.
  • Most of Season 2.
  • Ashly talking about her friend coining the terms "waz" and "buttwaz" for "pee" and "poop" respectively on the HAWPcast.
    • Which becomes even funnier if you play Borderlands 2, when one of the dancers in Moxxxi's says she has to, how you say, "take a waz".
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Lyrics episode, especially after learning that it was based on something Ashly actually used to do when playing the game.
  • The Psychonauts episode. The entire thing.
    • Ash, after reading the Ho Yay that is Anthony's mind: "Called it."
    • Ash's mind is, as some comments on YouTube put it, "essentially Tumblr." Memes, silly GIFs, and cake. Anthony is confused, and Ash just responds "My world, bitch. My world."
    • Ash enters Papa Burch's mind, kicks sand in his face, and he details his plan to "bone her mom", have a girl that looks just like her, and ruin her life. Then punches her in the face for "catching her fat ass tryin' to read my mind."
    • The Stinger has Ash and Anthony committing suicide after reading Dusty's mind. The note is signed "Hairy girl and brown man".
  • Papa Burch not being impressed with Saints Row 3.
    (Anthony just surfed tackled an old lady while being shirtless and wearing a cowboy hat and a proton pack.
    Papa: "I've done that in real life."
  • Ash's argument why Saints Row: The Third is a good feminist game is a combination of this and Crowning Moment of Awesome: By creating a 300 lb. black woman with a pink afro as her player character, and pointing out that no other game even gives the option to do that. Said player character is shown naked, doing a sexy dance in the middle of the street, while an agitated truck driver honks at her.
  • The Driver: San Francisco episode.
    • After Ashly possesses Ashley, makes her transfer all her money over to Ashly, and then kill herself, Ashly attempts something similar on Papa Burch. Who aims a gun at her. Without looking up or even turning around. And Ashly is an invisible ghost.
    • Anthony with his pants around his ankles and heading towards an elementary school.
    Anthony: "Who wants to play my bone flute!?
  • Cooking Mama: "Wait, who the fuck is that?" "That's Mom, you dumbshit!" "Oh. That explains a lot, actually."
  • The end credits for the Viva Piņata episode has "I can't remember how to do the fucking squiggly line over the n".
  • Professor Layton: "Which of these prostitutes has gonorrhoea?" [...] "Prostitute D is a dog."
    • Ash, pointing dramatically while wearing a top hat: "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!"
  • The "???" episode has Ash running around with a baby doll taped to her back, sitting on cupcakes, and screaming her lungs out when the baby falls off. (And throwing eggs at Anthony). When it's revealed that she's being a Yoshi, everything suddenly makes sense.
  • In the beginning of the Persona 3 episode, Anthony asks Ash why she's playing 3 when 4 just came out. Ash promptly shoots herself in the head trying to summon a Persona. At the funeral, one of their friends asks what Persona 3 is, to which Papa Burch replies, "A game where you fucking kill yourself, apparently."
    • Anthony's eulogy for Ash eventually devolves into the three other guests at the funeral asking him what Persona is, equating it to suicide Pokemon (and "Seppukumon" among other things). Eventually Anthony brings up that in Persona 4 they don't even use guns, they use cards, causing someone to say "Ash is a Pokemon card?" Cue Anthony shooting himself to the horror of everyone except Papa Burch.
  • The "Dear Esther" episode has Ashly narrating a stream-of-consciousness speech while wandering around in a park. The speech gets...a little weird after she drinks some "apple juice" actually tequila her dad had lying around...
  • From their Twitch stream: Ash and Anthony. Custom Left 4 Dead Disneyland map. Egoraptor and Jhonen Vasquez join in. Hilarity Ensues.
    Ash: [holding a katana, making gun 'pew' noises]
    Egoraptor: I do not need ammo when it comes to katanas.
    • Ash singing along to one of the songs from the ride, which reminds Jhonen of "Ragdoll" by Aerosmith...which he can't remember the lyrics to, so he starts scatting the tune, in hopes someone will identify it. Anthony gets it stuck in his head, despite never hearing the song before. This segues into Anthony imagining Bill Cosby replacing Steven Tyler at a concert and confusing the fans.
  • In the Mass Effect episode, Papa Burch assumed he would be going to Fuddruckers when Anthony brought everyone together to get psychological counseling over the phone. As the counseling doesn't take, Papa Burch has enough, hangs up the phone, and goes to Fuddruckers.
    Papa Burch: "This is not Fuddruckers, I was promised Fuddruckers, I'm going to Fuddruckers."
    [tosses phone across the room before leaving for Fuddruckers, raising his fist triumphantly upon arriving at Fuddruckers]
  • "Sexy Booth Babes"
  • Pretty much all of Ash's Indoor Voice.
    Ash's Indoor Voice: Fucking nailed it, good work kid!
  • What happens if you're playing local multiplayer and you don't play nice? Papa Burch is gonna come to your house and lick your face. He'll find you.
  • Ash and Papa get into a brick breaking contest like Kirby Super Star. Papa wins easily and what was the bet? All the ice cream in the house. The Stinger shows Papa keeping Ash At Arm's Length while he sucks on a popsicle.
  • In Peachy, Ash using very fancy language to argue to Anthony why Princess Peach should gain more recognition. Turns out she learned the vocabulary she just used due to drinking dish soap because it smelt like candy.
  • The Gamestop video has Ash bringing in a bag of games trying to preorder a game called Grand Theft Spaceman 4 with fake games, one of which is just a John Mayer CD and the other is filled with jellybeans. Hell the entire bag is just filled with jellybeans until Anthony gets fed up and gives her a preorder for a game that doesn't exist.
  • Ashley Davis coming in to save the day in the season 4 finale. Especially her final line:
  • The punchline to the "Chrono Trigger" episode:
    Ashly: Why you look so sad, bro?
    Anthony: We just had this conversation like 8 seconds ago. :Davis is divorcing me.
    Ashly: Aw, FUCK!