Awesome / Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?

  • The entire first season finale. But of particular note:
    Ashly: (While holding Anthony in a headlock) Hey Anthony? What're YOU playing?
    Anthony: DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! *stomps on her foot*
  • Special mention also goes to the very end, with special guest star David Hayter
    David Hayter: Hey Ash, this is Snake. What the hell are you playing?
  • In the Mass Effect 2 episode, "I'm going to Fuddruckers".
  • The fact that Ashly and Anthony's internet popularity helped them land writing duty on Borderlands 2 (Anthony) and roles in an indie movie called Must Come Down and a starring role in Borderlands 2 (and later Awesomenauts) (Ashly).
    • Oh yeah, and Ashly was in Aliens Colonial Marines.
    • Ashly has now re-united with the Funimation crew (many of whom worked on Borderlands 2) to play fan-favorite character Sasha "Potato Girl" Braus in the official English dub of Attack on Titan! It's her first anime role.
    • She's also Breezy in Adventure Time.
    • Ash got to visit Valve Software, assisting them in writing the 15-minute Team Fortress 2 short Expiration Date, as well as providing the voice of the hard-working secretary Miss Pauling.
  • The fact that they got Volition to give them a replica of the Penetrator from Saints Row: The Third for a skit.
  • The Burches are now DLC in Saints Row IV.
  • Nintendo themselves helping with the creation of the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze video, which is also a collaboration with Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump.
  • Anthony forcing Ashly to eat cookie after cookie in the Yoshi's Cookie episode. Revenge has never been sweeter, pun totally intended.