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Funny: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Comics

  • The gang trying to name the team while in the middle of a fight:
    Rocket Raccoon: "Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic?"
    Star-Lord: No!
    Rocket Raccoon: How about "Rocket Raccoon and His Human Hangers-On"?
    Drax: How about "Drax and His 'Coonskin Hat"? That grab you?
    Gamora: "Team"? Ugh. All we need now is a handshake and a clubhouse.
    [Gilligan Cut to Gamora's debriefing]
    Gamora: I don't know what made me say that. We have a clubhouse. At least we don't call it a clubhouse. That would be unbearable.
    Rocket Raccoon: What about The Annihilators"? "Protectors of the Universe"! "The Quantum Band"? "The Pro-Actives"! "The Defenders"! Is that taken?
  • During Rocket's debriefing:
  • This bit from Vol.2 #13.
    Star-Lord: This is what we were formed to stop?
    Rocket Raccoon: Yes. It. Is.
    Star-Lord: We can do this, right?
    Rocket Raccoon: Don't spoil the moment.
  • From V3. As Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon are rescuing Abigail Brand, Rocket Raccoon dives into an army of Thanos' soldiers shouting "Blammo! Murdered you!" a catchphrase that Brian Bendis tried to associate with the character in earlier books with negative reaction from the fans. At that moment, both Star-Lord and Brand tell Rocket that they both find his new catchphrase annoying and disturbing.
  • According to Maximus the Mad, Groot is a scientific genius.
  • This is mostly a heartwarming look into Groot's insight and personal views on the human race. Except for Latverians. He doesn't really like them.

The Film

  • In the first trailer, Star-Lord Flipping the Bird only to have it covered up by the scanners with an "obscene gesture alert".
    • Even funnier is that before he flips the bird, the scanners have already covered up his hand with the text "OBSCENE GESTURE IMMINENT" appearing.
  • The trailer suddenly dropping Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling" as its music. Fitting, as it's depicted being on Star-Lord's Walkman. Made even better because when it drops it serves as the background music to a montage of action scenes.
    • An alien prison guard is curious as to what the walkman is and places the headphones on his ears, so Star-Lord just casually shimmies through a closing gate, ready to kick ass in handcuffs if need be. And then he gets tazed.
    • It's a sci-fi film in the year 2014... and Quill owns a Walkman. That says a lot about the guy.
  • Rocket's profile during his incarceration states that he "has a tendency to bite".
    • Peter's profile lists one of his charges as "Illegal Manipulation of Gramosian Duchess". And it's listed separate from his other charges, as if it was such a bizarre charge that the Corps couldn't lump it in with anything else they had.
  • When Peter Quill is arrested, he introduces himself as "Star-Lord" as if he expects everyone to know that name. He's visibly disappointed when Korath just responds with a "who?" and a shrug.
  • This:
    Rhomann Dey: They call themselves the "Guardians of the Galaxy."
    Other soldier: What a bunch of a-holes.
  • The lining up of the team during their arrest. Peter is yawning, Gamora looks bored, Groot's staring around curiously, Drax's body language screams 'I'm going to murder people when I make my inevitable escape', and Rocket is standing in a Badass Arm-Fold, or at least it would look badass if he weren't just three feet tall. Not to mention the hilariously out of place Blue Swede music playing in the background. It ends up looking like the worst Team Shot ever.
  • The poster's tagline? "You're Welcome".
    • It could also work as a subtle nod to the fans who thought Marvel would never take a chance on such a cosmically weird-ass comic.
  • The look on Gamora's face as she's dubbed a "soldier, assassin, wanted on over a dozen counts of murder." Her little smile almost seems to say: "Yeah, that's me. Keep staring at my chest, and you might just find out how I got that rap sheet."
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