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Awesome: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Comics

  • Moondragon turning into an actual dragon.
    • With Phyla-Vell riding on it!
    • Let's ride!
  • Cosmo gets one.
    Cosmo: That does it. That enough. No more Mr. Nice Dog. Now Cosmo will hurt everyone.
  • The Guardians & Tony Stark (Not Iron Man - he had been stripped of his armor) taking a Spartax warship through sheer force after being arrest for the crime of... Heading to Earth to stop a Badoon invasion.

The Film

  • Let's just start with the fact that Marvel had the balls to even try to make a film out of this property!
  • In the trailer, Rocket Raccoon is on Groot's shoulder, blasting away with his machine gun.
    • Judging by the background, they're in the middle of a prison riot.
  • Drax staring down an invading armada, knives drawn. He sure as hell is going to make their conquest difficult.
  • "We're the Guardians of the Galaxy."
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