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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Guardians of the Galaxy
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    Pre-release theories 

Malcolm Reynolds with show up in Knowhere as a friend of Star-Lord's
  • James Gunn has already confirmed that Nathan Fillion will have a short cameo in the movie, so we can all hope that Marvel will give us a Firefly crossover in the Firefly Spiritual Successor.

Both Nebula and Gamora were raised and trained by Thanos
Thats the first thought that came to mind when Karen Gillian said Nebula has a complex relationship with Gamora.
  • Confirmed by the prelude comics.

An Infinity Gem will appear in the movie
This is very likely since, the Collector appears in The Stinger to Thor: The Dark World and is indeed in possesion of an Infinity Stone (not Gem).
  • The synopsis for the film talks about the Guardians having an object everybody wants, an Infinity Gem seems like a very likely possibility.
    • If not them practically screaming "confirmed" in our faces
  • The stone is likely the orb that Star Lord is stealing in the trailer.

Yondu is The Obi-Wan to Peter

Because, let's face it, this is the new Epileptic Trees/meme for Marvel movies on this site.

The post credit scene will feature Adam Warlock
If you look carefully at the Thor: The Dark World mid-credit scene, you can see what looks like his cocoon in the Collectors collection. The mid-credit scene will feature him hatching for the first time.
  • Alternate theory: The orb is the Soul Gem, and he's contained inside it. The Guardians accidentally free him and he joins them.

Groot will pull a Heroic Sacrifice
And the post credits scene will show his regeneration.

There will be a nod to The Avengers.
It'll be quick reference, with the team coming across the wreckage of the Chitauri, maybe salvaging an image of Tony flying the nuke through the portal from whatever equipment survived the blast. That or they pick up one of the boosters that the Mk. 7 jettisoned to send Tony back through the portal.

The backstories of some characters will not be told in the movie.
Putting five different backstories in one movie would be hard to pull off, plus it leaves the room for possible spin-offs.
  • At least they won't get into the details. (Gamora in particular) Mostly just flashbacks and throwaway lines.

Korath is an Anti-Villain and he will pull a brief Heel-Face Turn

Nova Prime Rael will have a Badass Grandma moment
Shortly before being killed off by the villains of course.

The team's name is Star-Lord's idea.
He's the kind of guy that goes around calling himself Star-Lord. "Guardians of the Galaxy" sounds dramatic enough for his standards.

"Rocky Raccoon" will play over the end credits.
Either the original, or Bradley Cooper will record a Rocket-themed cover. It would be a waste of an opportunity otherwise.
  • Or Hooked on a Feeling

The team's name exists in a Stable Time Loop
In the future, a group of people will find historical records mentioning 'Guardians of the Galaxy', and will decide to use the name for themselves. At some point, a member of the team will travel back in time, meet Peter Quill and tell him stories about the Guardians. Quill will like the name and will decide to use it for his own team, the same one that the future Guardians will find in the historical records.

Some one at some point is going to write a Redwall crossover with Guardian.
Seriously, one of them is almost exactly like a racoon, it is going to happen.

Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" will play during the film's climax.
Because when you're using music from the 80s in a superhero movie, there are some chances you just can't pass up.

Drax will kill Ronan near the end of the movie...
...and Ronan's dying words will reveal that Drax's daughter is still alive, living among the Kree. This will set up both Moondragon's and Phylla's appearence for possible sequels.

Rocket Raccoon and Sly Cooper are related
My logic goes like this. Rocket Raccoon is a raccoon, he is voiced by Bradley Cooper. Sly's last name is Cooper. Sly is raccoon. Therefore Sly is Rocket's ancestor. (Silly as hell but I just had to put it up here)

Peter Quill is from Earth in the 1980s
My guess goes like this: Quill was a kid (possibly a teenager) in the 1980s who through some unfortunate freak accident (possibly related to the Infinity Stone Of Space), is whisked to a distant area of the universe. At first he thought this was awesome, as he'd be able to be a Buck Rogers style hero choosing the name "Star Lord". However, instead he's been stuck on the other side of the galaxy (if not universe), like John Crichton in Farscape for decades, and over the years he's been looking for Infinity Stone of Space so he can get home. The opening of the trailer, where Quill is arrested by Ronan the Accuser, is when he's finding either a clue to the Stone's location, or the stone itself. This also explains why Quill is so protective of the Walkman - it's his last connection to home.
  • Most of this is actually confirmed. We don't know if that's why he's looking for the orb, or if he even wants to get back to Earth. But he was definitely taken from there when he was around eight, and the Walkman with his mix-tape is his connection to Earth.
    • Confirmed. Peter Quill is Star-Lord, who is a half-human, half-alien son of an evil emperor. He wasn't taken from Earth, he left it intentionally, looking for his absentee alien father. He hasn't been back since the eighties because he's busy and Earth isn't that important to him, aside from having good pop culture (specifically music from the eighties).

Related to the above, the main Infinity Stone in the film's plot is going to be the Infinity Stone of Space.
Jossed. The Tesseract was said to be the space gem by Word of God. Doesn't rule out the chance of this film's stone being the time stone.

The Nova Corps is going to be destroyed
As a show of power, Thanos will have them wiped out, either personally or through one of his minions. The Stinger will reveal that Dey managed to escape as the sole survivor and is heading towards Earth to find help.

The Red Skull will make an appearance
The Tesseract obviously did something to him at the end of Captain America, and since it is the Space Stone, it may very well have teleported him halfway across the galaxy.

I am Groot.
I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot.

Groot will have a Crowning Moment Of Awesome
Like turning into a giant while yelling I! AM! GROOOOT!

Ronan will be a Generic Doomsday Villain

The Box of Bombs will turn out to be ChekhovsGuns
One of their enemies will be escaping in their ship, and the Guardians will lament that they got away. Then Rocket will pull out a detonator and grin. Kablooey.

Nathan Fillion's cameo will be...

Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel will have cameoes
At some point, they will show up for a few seconds as Xandarians or prisoners or something.

Nathan Fillion will cameo as Cosmo, the Russian Space Dog.
Because want people Cosmo, and there are enough rumours of Fillion appearing for it to be plausible.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were a legendary team of heroes centuries ago, led by the original Nova for which the Nova Corps of the present is named.
Which is the actual reason Quill's team is met by derision and disdain from the "what a bunch of a-holes" guard, because he sees them as being disrespectful.

Yondu will be a Stealth Mentor for Peter and later the group as a whole.
He will also turn out to have been one of the original Guardians.

    Post-release theories 
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