Funny / Dreamfall Chapters

  • Zoë is tasked with taking a robot named Shitbot out and testing its functions. It's as terrible as it's name suggests, and as such is incredibly hilarious.
    • The return of Shitbot - while not as funny as the first time, its "Welding welding welding welding welding welding!" is just as funny as it was before... and its description of how Mira's perimeter defenses will kill Zoë in incredibly graphic ways.
  • Mira's Establishing Character Moment:
    "Goddamn this shitty shitting shit shit. SHIT!"
  • Both Kian and Zoe's Lame Pun Reactions to their own bad puns... particularly because they both say, "God/Goddess, I'm losing my mind," in exactly the same tone.
  • Zoe's dialogue about Mr. Planty in her apartment.
  • When Enu asks Kian about Anna, he simply says "I don't like women", and then Enu immediately makes the logical conclusion.
    • Actually, it didn't come out wrong, as in the alternative scene where he talks to Likho he explicitly tells him so and how the Azadi are more tolerant of homosexuality than people in Mercuria. Though his exchange with Enu is humorous nonetheless.
  • Mira's response to Zoë vanishing? "This shitty shitting shit just got weird."
  • In the second interlude, have Saga interact with some of the items around her house, such as her father's hat, the guitar, and an umbrella.
  • During the section in Mr. London's warehouse, Zoe uses different programming for bots to get past the guards. She tricks a guard into thinking he's been smoking far too many drugs. The bots themselves are Chewing the Scenery, and utterly hilarious for it.
  • A severe case of Black Comedy, but Mr. London is torturing a guy by playing golf, hitting the victim with an electric ball. The real kicker is the victim is in front of a backdrop of a sand trap.
  • Kian is utterly baffled when trying to use yams to catch a rat. It makes no sense to him that rats wouldn't like them.
  • When Kian has to open a magical passage by singing, Crow is not impressed with his performance and mocks him more and more with each failure to hit the right notes.
  • Crow tries to get stoic, disciplined Kian to laugh. After one try, Kian has to promise the appalled Crow to never laugh again.
  • Saga's preferred way to pass the time while holding open a shift for people to pass through: snark at everyone to hurry up already.
  • While in Zoe's apartment, turn on the television. An opening for a very bizarre-looking series comes on. Zoe offers no comment.
  • If the player tries to have Zoe leave her apartment before getting her fully dressed, Zoe comments: