Funny: Dragon's Dogma

  • "Wild" cyclopes idle animations. If you watch them for a while before attacking them, they might start bunny-hopping/playing hopscotch, complete with resounding booms when they land.
  • Pawns absolutely love their overkill and almost always charge their spells to the highest level, whether they be fighting goblins or drakes. They're also fond of joining their spells together to multiply the effects. This can lead to Curb Stomp Battles consisting of a lone goblin flailing around in a panic as he gets pelted by a dozen gigantic meteors, or awakening a nest of sleeping saurians with a quartet of tornadoes.
    • Also, anytime a goblin gets hit by the Deadly Arrow skill. *SPLAT!*
  • Duke Edmun's reaction to the party hat his jester puts on your head when you first meet him. "Your crown outshines my own" indeed.
  • Jump off a high ledge when your health is extremely (read: 1000+) high. The resulting splat/faceplant is HILARIOUS, and only to get up with a slight groan.
  • "We can't stop here! This is deer country!"
  • After completing the Escort Duty quest, which involves touring the city with Symone, one of your pawns will give this gem:
    Pawn: I fear you made a friend of her.
  • Or whenever you meet a spellcaster and your pawns shout "You shall not cast!"
  • Feste: Mi'lady is mistaken. I would never violate His Graces privacy while he violates Mi'lady's privates...
  • Enemies are just as subject to falling damage as you are. The obvious use for this is to throw them off of nearby cliffs, but some enemies can be tricked into taking suicidal plunges all on their own. For example the cyclops on the narrow pass to Heavenspeak Fort can be enraged by snapping off one of its tusks; if it rampages too close to the edge of the cliffside the great oaf will go plummeting to its death followed shortly by the entirely-inappropriate heroic victory theme.
  • Pawns can sometimes utter completely out of place observations during the most inappropriate times
    Pawn (when fighting a giant, fire-breathing drake who is killing everyone): Look, Arisen, a rope! Seems suspicious...
    • Or when you are facing a Drake, and your Pawn yells "Goblin!". Seriously, since when is a Goblin more of a threat than a Drake?
    • How about Pawns not understanding what a plural is? "There master, Griffions!" when there is only one. The same thing happens vice-versa at times, like when you face multiple Goblins but only "Goblin" is yelled.
  • Thanks to the game's romance system, your character can fall in love with almost anyone you find...with interesting results.
  • Give your male Pawn voice #4 (the highest-pitched one) and tell him to "voice his anguish" in a "Timid" manner. Whenever he gets hit, he'll let out a yelp. Becomes particularly funny if he also has the Guardian personality:
    Pawn (entering a fight with goblins when one gets a sneak attack in on him): I will protect you, Arisen! OW!
  • Hard Mode can be quite a challenge, but it compensates by making enemies drop a lot more of money. This can turn hilarious as, if you're on a killing spree, many enemies will start dropping giant bags of money, even creatures that have no business holding money to begin with, such as wolves, quimeras, and even Saurian's tails!
  • The dragon, Grigori, dispatches Elysion rather abruptly and quips in his usual sophisticated manner that he only did it to shut him up.
    Grigori: The rantings of an up jumped zealot make for tedious listening.
  • If you stand still long enough, one of your pawns will wave his/her hand in front of your face, as if trying to see if you're awake.