Heartwarming / Dragon's Dogma

  • Every moment your pawns come to your aid reminds you that you're not alone in this struggle. "I will protect you, Arisen!"
  • A blacksmith in Gran Soren lost his son to heart problems. Anticipating this turn of events since the boy's birth, he attempted to craft a Wakestone, but only found two of the three shards required to forge one. With the Arisen's help, he gathers the third shard and brings his son back to life.
  • The ending scene is this a bit. While it may be a Bittersweet Ending, the pawn you have traveled with and molded has finally gained a personality of it's own in the form of your Arisen's body.
    • Even better. When they look out into the sea and smile, as if to say a silent "Farewell, Arisen" to their former master, they actually look directly at the player, the "real" Arisen.
  • In the scene following his/her victory over the dragon, the Arisen's Love Interest stands waiting just outside the fortress. They see each see the other, run together, stop about one foot apart and smile like glowing suns right at each other. A brief, ridiculously cute wordless exchange ensues with the LI's expression pretty much conferring "I can't believe what you just did!", and the Arisen grinning "Heh, what did you expect?".