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Funny: Dragon Nest
  • Pretty much almost all of the quest text is actually pretty humorous if you bother to read any of it, showing how majority of the NPC's are ether Too Dumb to Live,or Jerkass's,really emphasizing that the player really is the Only Sane Man in the entire game.
  • The boss of Minotaur Nest does not believe that you were the one who defeated Elena, [[spoiler:[[ so he
challenges you to a Dance Battle.]]]]
  • In order to get a leaf from a mandrogosa, you have to challenge it to a Pokemon-like battle.
  • Honest Ed says that if the player loses a bet to him, that they'll have to delete their character.
  • Argenta deciding to have David be her slave instead of the player character.
  • Argenta giving the player a kiss, especially if the character is female.
  • An Italian Plumber gives a player a letter asking them why do they keep chopping down the mushrooms due to the fact that they need them to get big and strong.
  • Landslide Krag believing the player character to be his girlfriend, even if the player character is male.
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