Funny / Donkey Kong 64

Ohhh...the Tropes...

  • The final battle with King K. Rool, especially the ending.
  • Chunky's attempts to get you to play as someone else:
    Chunky: Pick Tiny...
    • And if you got to him from Tiny, she'll promptly agree to his request with an energetic "Tiny!"
    • Even if you haven't rescued Tiny yet, Chunky still persuades you to choose Tiny.
  • Mad Jack's hilarious Oh, Crap! face before he falls to his supposed death.
  • The DK Rap and Chunky's crazy antics.
  • Every second of the King Kut-out battle. The absurdity of the circumstances (With no guardian to protect the seventh key, some Kremlings have constructed a crude cardboard cut-out of King K. Rool, that is somehow capable of shooting laser beams). One of the Kremlings provides really absurd voices for the cut-out, including making it react to having its arms unexpectedly snapped off. And how do you make its arms and then its head snap off? Why, by launching yourselves out of cannons right at the cut-out's face. The fact that it comes after the Creepy Castle stage just makes it better.
  • Cranky's quotes in the manual, as per usual;
    "So let's see what nonsense they've made up for this game, shall we? Hmm... well, I have to hand it to them. This time they've managed to come up with a decent storyline that doesn't involve the usual golden bananas. Only joking kids! This one's worse than all the previous efforts put together! I know you probably aren't expecting a best seller, but wait till you hear this load of rubbish..."
    "My powerful potions will give you abilities you've never dreamed of and certainly don't deserve, assuming of course you can afford my modest asking fee. Now don't you go asking me for a potion of gameplay, as even my genius can't rescue this game from its rightful destiny in the bargain bin."
    "Tough luck kid. I've been told to keep my mouth shut, as they want to keep all the good stuff for a money-making strategy guide. I'm sure some of it will appear on the newfangled 'internet' thing as well, so I suggest you take a look-see there. You could also ask your friends, assuming of course you've got any."
    "Does anyone ever actually use these memo pages? Waste of paper if you ask me!"
    "Those silly stretchy arms give [Lanky] plenty of potential, but I'm sure he'll be too busy clowning around to be of much use."
    "I knew they'd have to have something like this. The Kongs will be so weighed down with all the garbage they have to collect, I can't see them getting past the second level. You can view all this silly nonsense and some other stuff I don't understand by pressing START during your game."
    "I can't be bothered to tell you any more [about Snide], so you'll have to ask him what he's doing in this game when you meet him."
    "Let me know if you find a bananaport that can take me out of this sorry game, and I'll be there in a flash."
    "Elsewhere in Gloomy Galleon, you'll find a hulking structure that's a bit dim and doesn't work. Yes, I know you already know about Chunky, but this is also true of a eerie lighthouse. Let's see if you can get them both working and be of some use."
    "The best switch is the one on top of your N64, as you can turn off your silly 3-D adventure and let me get some sleep!"
  • The game's secret ending, if just for the sheer confusion factor.
  • After you complete Hideout Helm, K. Rool flies away in some sort of rocket-plane. However, K. Lumsy is out for a walk and begins to chase the Kremling King around like a little kid chasing a butterfly. Then K. Lumsy trips and one of his flailing arms hits the plane!
  • Some of the cutscenes they play when you enter each level are good for some laughs.
  • During the opening cinematic, one of the Kremlings is working on the Blast-O-Matic when the power suddenly turns off. His solution? Push some buttons, unfortunately nothing happens, so he decides to bang his head on the control panel and it works to his delight. Another Kremling standing next to him facepalms and shakes his head simultaneously, like the guy just ran into a brick wall.
    • And when the Kremling Krew's naval fortress hilariously slams into a rock, the ship has trouble starting up initially, then goes in reverse (with back-up beeper noises) and continues its course to DK Isle. This shows the general incompetence of K. Rool's henchmen, and makes you wonder if they drive live crazy. Even the two bumbling operators are bickering over which direction to go.