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Mad Jack is still alive, just hiding.
  • Yes, he supposedly fell to his doom. But even though a crash is heard, you don't see his remains. Ever. My guess is he got up and made himself invisible, and is currently trying to find ways to strengthen himself for his inevitable second confrontation with Tiny. Possible new powers: Total control of fire, rather then just throwing fireballs. He got zapped FIVE TIMES; maybe he can control electricity via the charges in his body from the fight with him? Also, his voice will be more akin to the crazy laugh from his battle music rather then Donald Duck; he will also be able to speak.

The Mysterious Pedestal Room would have been involved in Stop N Swop
  • The Rare Witch Project found the infamous Ice Key in the game, so that must be a part of it.

Lanky Kong is Manky Kong's brother.
  • Orangutans were once part of the Kong family. There used to be a whole clan of them, but they were killed by the kremlings. Only two brothers were left. One of the brothers, Manky Kong, turned traitor because he blamed Donkey Kong for letting the kremlings invade Donkey Kong Island, and for not doing enough to stop them. The other brother, Lanky Kong, on the other hand became deeply depressed, and masks his pain by dressing up like a clown and making other Kong family members laugh.
    • Actually, Manky Kong is a subspecies of Kong, not an individual. Lanky could have been a member of that subspecies, though.

The Banana Fairy Queen made Tiny Kong grow older.
  • After Tiny Kong and her friends found and captured all of the scattered Banana Fairies in the game, the Banana Fairy Queen offered to grant Tiny Kong a wish as a reward. Tiny, who was secretly insecure about her tiny size, wished to become older and taller. Her wish was granted, and the other Kongs, though surprised at first, soon got used to the change.

Wrinkley Kong was KILLED by Nintendo for leaking information on the N64 in DKC3!
  • In DKC3 she could be seen playing an N64, before its release, and you could hear a prototype of the Castle Walls theme from Mario 64, next game in the same canon she's dead! Nintendo had her killed.
    • Donkey Kong Country 3 came out a few months after Super Mario 64, though.

Lanky Kong is a result of the vile inbreeding practices of those filthy Manky Kongs.
  • Think about it: how many orangutans do you know that have stretchy arms and unhealthy levels of intestinal gas? Granted, the other Kongs have strange abilities in that game, but they invariably have to drink a potion to get them (ditto for Lanky's intestinal gas problems). Lanky's arms were super-stretchy, however, before he ever ONCE took a potion. What else could've caused this? There's also the slightly curious fact that he's apparently completely nuts, another dead giveaway of inbreeding. Heck, Cranky even refers to him as "a twisted twig on a distant branch of the Kong family tree". Hmm...

Lanky Kong's moves were inspired by the Cartridge Tilting Glitches.
  • You probably know that Rare planned a special feature in Banjo-Kazooie that involved removing the cartridge and swaping it with Banjo-Tooie to get special keys, but was scrapped due of it being impossible to make without causing glitches. Well, I think Rare kind of enjoyed the gliches that Cartridge Tilting occasioned and made a character with moves inspired by them, this being Lanky Kong. If you have watched any videos about Cartridge Tilting, you'll see how there are similarities. Like increasing the size of some of their body parts, which inspired Lanky's long arms and the ability to inflate himself like a balloon (and maybe that part from the DK Rap where his face shapeshifts) or the characters' limbs switching places, which might have inspired the handstand.