Funny / Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

  • The intro sequence, which is pretty much an Establishing Series Moment for the entire series. Etna decides that since Laharl won't wake up, she's gonna have to resort to shooting him. He wakes up and asks about the weapons behind her, and Etna defends he's a heavy sleeper. When she tells Laharl that his father died two years ago while he was asleep, he grows angry and asks why she didn't wake him earlier, to which Etna responds "what do you think I've been doing all this time?"
  • The Prinnies try their fins at Laharl's challenge to claim the title of the Overlord. They know they're completely outmatched, so instead...
    Enemy Prinnies: We challenge you to a game of baseball, dood!
    Off-screen Umpire: Play ball!
    Laharl: Etna.
    Etna: Yes?
    Laharl: Kill 'em.
    Etna: Certainly.
    • Followed up in Disgaea 2 with bowling, which leads to the most hilariously one-sided battle ever... in your favor.
  • Laharl getting excited over the first evil deed he will commit as an Overlord.
    Laharl: You want me to make it rain pepper on Earth so they can't stop sneezing? Or do you want me to give human kids an addictive video game that will deprive them of their sleep?
  • The entirety of Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!'s gloriously wacked-out introduction chapter.
  • Early in the first game, Flonne is talking about Love and Friendship and Stuff, and has this exchange with Etna:
    Etna: What good is that stuff? Is your head full of flowers or something?
    Flonne: Yes, I love flowers.
    Etna: Oh geez... Your head IS full of flowers.
  • With Laharl finding a way to bypass his weakness and Etna rebelling against him, Maderas tries to get the Prinnies to kill her. He's not happy when he finds out that they don't exactly work for him anymore.
    Maderas: Dammit! Prinnies! Make mincemeat out of her!
    -music stops-
    Prinny Squad: ...Dooooooooooooood.
  • Flonne's entire introduction is one funny moment after another. She enters the castle making her own ninja sound effects. She then starts contemplating whether or not it's right to assassinate someone she doesn't know and then starts realizing that killing someone she does know is wrong too, which is then hilariously lampshaded by Laharl ("Who are you, and why are you in my room talking to yourself?"). And, of course, there's the way she introduces herself to Laharl:
    Flonne: Nice to meet you! I'm an assassin! ...whoops. I wasn't supposed to say that...
  • Mid-boss (Dark Adonis Vyers)? Except the very serious parts in the first game, he gets dogged by the protagonists in every single appearance.
    (After being insulted and degraded by Laharl.)
    Vyers: How dare you! I am the Dark Adonis Vy...
    Laharl: Who gives a damn about you? Your new name is "Mid-Boss".
    Mid-Boss: Mi, Mi, Mid-Boss!?
    • Just to emphasize: The above mid-dialogue name change is canon. The moment Laharl declares Vyers' new name, the game itself obeys his command and changes it.
  • The Prism Rangers. As they are preparing to initiate their Transformation Sequence, Etna shoots them.
    Prism Red: "Bluuueee....Yelllowwww!!!!"
  • In Episode 3 of Afternoon's Etna Mode, Flonne confronts Etna at the Sea of Gehenna... wearing a sentai mask. Calling herself 'Justice Flonne', she swears to defeat Etna, and after being chased off the first time, she comes back, claiming to have powered up. All she does is turn on lights where the mask's eyes are.
    Etna: That's it? So your eyes are glowing...?
    Flonne: Yes. Now, I can see in the dark.
    Etna: Anyone who walks around at night, wearing that mask has gotta be some kind of crazy.
  • In Episode 9, when Jennifer and Thursday meet the Disgaea trio. This is Thursday's response when he senses lifeforms approaching:
    • And in his first scene:
  • Vulcanus' reaction to the contents of a book he finds while sneaking around Laharl's castle;
    Vulcanus: This page! This page! All of these pages!
  • Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!'s glorious introduction.
    • And his Bad "Bad Acting" when he wants to sneak away from Laharl. "LA LA LAAAA!".
  • Episode 7's final boss is Aramis' ultimate zombie, which Laharl quickly considers The Dreaded. Is it because it was made with the fists of a Dark Karate master, the legs of the fastest demon in the Netherworld, the mind of the sorcerer Mahogany, and the iron body of Hercules? Nope, it's because it has a Horse Wiener.
    Laharl: A horse wiener!? Now, THAT's dangerous!
    • Increased with the Prinny commentary in the DS version, when they wonder how one would block it.
    • Even funnier: if you have a good enough Thief, you can steal the Horse Wiener from the zombie and equip it yourself!
  • Laharl and Flonne meeting Jennifer, and hearing assumptions that demons are horrible monsters with tentacles, which the two of them take offense to and wonder where she got those ideas from.
  • After the boss fight with the previous Defender of the Earth, Flonne is angry at Laharl for not throwing the fight and says he's "The worst" before the ghost cuts her off and says that even though he lost, he can still pass on. Everyone prepares to move on, but Laharl and Etna start to wonder what exactly Flonne was going to call Laharl. Thurday promptly states "Now calculating, now calculating," and as he prepares to give the answer, Flonne does a Big "NO!" and slams him into a wall. Etna replies she's worse than a demon. Considering what happens at the end of the game in canon...
  • Episode 10. Its plot revolves around chasing Mid-Boss because he stole their picnic basket.
    • Upon catching up with Mid-Boss, Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday do a hammy Power Rangers-esque pose. Flonne gets jealous that they're stealing the show and forces Laharl and Etna to go along, and their presentation is so damn unenthusiastic.
  • At the start of chapter 4, read the "something good" as Flonne offering her virginity and the scene Crosses the Line Twice. Disgaea Thumbnail Theater draws a huge lampshade on it.
    Etna: Get your mind out of the gutter, Prince. This ain't no hentai game.
  • Kurtis makes his return to help the party when they're blocked by powerful demons in Celestia. It's supposed to be a triumphant moment, but it's hard for the characters and the players to take it seriously because he's a green Prinny.
  • In "War of the Netherworld, part 2", as the party boards the battleship Gargantua, Gordon surmises that Carter might have ordered for Jennifer's modification. Laharl, Etna, and Flonne then begin to imagine what the modified Jennifer would look like and we're treated to an image of a Humongous Mecha Jennifer with drills for breasts. Gordon twice has to get them to wave away the image.
    • Later, we finally get to see the modified Jennifer, and she looks no different from regular Jennifer. Laharl, Etna, and especially Flonne are disappointed.
  • One of the goodies that comes with the limited edition of Disgaea 1 Complete is a "Noppai" mousepad of Etna. In other words, it's an oppai mousepadnote ...that's completely flat, reflecting Etna's flatness.