Funny / Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

  • When you first started the game, it'll show you what to do and how to fight monsters. This particular one is funny to watch.
  • The "Good Ending". Adell manages to snap Rozalin/Zenon back to her senses with a Cooldown Hug and kiss as the screen fades to white. The first two CGs in the credits show her rampaging against the party, implying she didn't take it TOO well
  • And then we have the full Prism Ranger battle in the second game. Prism Orange alone makes it funny, but Adell's reaction, made particularly funny by the delivery:
    Adell: Okay, man. Calm down. I'm just saying, when I look at you guys it makes me want to cry.
    • And also after the battle:
      Rozalin: "Hmm. I can respect your spirit. But that's all. Just your spirit."
      Red: Then we will allow you to be the guardians of our task! Since you're way stronger! Take this! It is undeniable proof of our blazing friendship!
      * Adell has received the title, "Prism Black"!*
      Red: Now you are the 8th Prism Ranger! The fate of the Champions of Justice, and the world, rests in your hands!
      Adell: What a crappy reward...
      Rozalin: I don't get anything...? Well, can't I be Prism Pink...
    • To their credit, at least the Prism Rangers are in-synch in English. The Japanese version gets an extra Crowning Moment of Funny for not putting them in-synch.
    • And earlier in the game when Rozalin is far more obsessed with them not having enough members to be a prism while Adell is concerned about the moral quandary of beating other heroes.
  • Upon meeting Etna, Rozalin expresses disbelief that such a great Demon Lord could look like her, being so flat-chested. Etna expresses her disapproval of this comment by audibly cracking her knuckles and punching a Prinny into the stratosphere.
  • Etna arriving just in the nick of time to save Adell and Rozalin... and then deciding to let the zombies finish them off instead.
  • The first encounter with Tink, when he thinks Adell is hitting on Rozalin:
    Tink: (to Adell) "Monsieur Napoleon Bonerhard!"
  • Also, the first encounter with seriously just need to watch it.
  • Rozalin gives Laharl a chance to be the main character again for one hundred seconds. Here's what he does with those one hundred seconds.
  • Axel the Dark Hero has apparently been murdered.
  • The hardcore fights with Raspberyl, Champloo, and Mao in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days are all hilarious but Mao's takes the cake for one simple line:
    Adell: Huh? Why the hell are you breathing like that?
    Mao: Don't worry...I'm just getting turned on.
  • "I'm a huge fan! Please give me an autograph!" O_O
  • When the player needs to go to "Tragedyland", they are introduced to the felony system, where crimes are marked down. The first felony the player's party gets is for Mr. Tink.
    Post Officer: [Crime: Your Existence] it says.
    Mr.Tink: I'm sorry I was born!
  • The heroes need a demon's nail to perform a ritual to summon the most powerful demon in the world, presuming it will be Overlord Zenon. So they track down Etna, who gives them a press-on sticky nail as a prank, unaware of why they wanted it. The group performs the ritual unawares and summons... Etna, who as a result of the incorrectly performed ritual has experienced a huge level drop and so forces herself into your party to make them back.
    • This leads into possibly the funniest chapter in the game once the Prinnies find out about it after coming to look for her...
    Prinny: Now that Master Etna's level is so low, there's nothing left to fear! Freedom at last! Good bye, dood!
  • After being defeated by Adell, Zenon unleashes a Wave Motion Gun against the party. When the dust settles, it's revealed that Adell, Yukimaru and Etna sprung up to protect Rozalin, Taro and Hanako respectively...while Tink is lying unconscious behind them with a severe case of Ash Face.
  • Taro's crush on Rozalin becoming so deep that the game officially changes his title to "Rozy's Slave".
  • "HEY, TAXI!" <zoom>
  • Rozalin trying to mislead Adell in the beginning of the game. And then they found her mansion...
    Rozalin: My father is...over there.
    Adell: ...Are you sure about that? Sure looks like you're just pointing randomly.
    Rozalin: What? You don't trust me?
    Adell: ...I trust you. I did give you my word.
  • In the final chapter, the protagonists are all having their own private thoughts on the coming battle with Zenon and what may happen afterward. Taro notices this, and tells Hanako that the two of them should try it. While Taro's is sweet, Hanako's... needs work.
    Hanako: (Introspective) I will defeat the fake Zenon, thrusting me into the highest rank of demons! I will be as cool as Etna, but twice as sexy! (Normal) Whaddya think?
    Taro: Uh, I guess that was serious-like.
  • The news cast before the last chapter. Having been ditched by Axel, Plenair simply gives a side glance to the mayhem, then stares back at the player/viewer.
  • Defeating Zetta causes Adell's title to change to "Badass Overlord". Adell's reaction is priceless.
    • Prior to that, Zetta vaporizing Tink with his namesake Zetta Beam. Moreso in the Japanese audio, due to Zetta dragging out the name of the attack far longer.
  • In Dark Hero Days' DLC, Ash, whose summoning Ingredients includes an used Plunger. The characters refuses to come near him.
    • In another DLC, the ingredients for Marona is Taro's game he spent on. Bonus points when Marona was about to Mace Ash if he's present in the party.
      Adell: ...If the developers know also, they will faint too.
    • Pram's Ingredients includes King drake the Third. After her defeat, she blames it on him.
    • Sapphire's recruitment scene, where the game pokes fun at Adell's supposed princess fetish.
  • Some item descriptions, which also double as Shout Outs:
  • When summoned as an extra party member in the Steam version, Gig threatens the text box.
    Text box:[Gig] has joined the party
    Gig: "Hey! You'd better not give me that generic spiel!"
    Text box (With faster and higher-pitched beeps): The invincible [Gig] has become an invaluable element of your team, but only because he wants to kill time.
  • After Miabell has been summoned, Adell, Rozalin and Hanako try to attack her, but are deterred by her sheer adorableness. Their solution is to adopt her as a little sister, forcibly.