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Funny: Corpse Bride
  • "In other news — THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH!!!" *clangetyclangetyclang*
    • As well as the Town Crier's earlier announcement to Victor and Victoria's parents.
    Town Crier: (shouting so loudly the cups and saucers rattle) Hear ye, hear ye! Victor van Dort seen this night on the bridge in the arms of a mystery woman! The dark-haired temptress and Mister van Dort slipped away into the night!! (normal volume) And now the weather. Scattered showers...
  • "...There's an eye in me soup." Followed shortly by Grandfather Everglott scaring his grandson and his wife out of the their wits, simply by asking where they keep the booze.
  • The dead going to the church for Victor and Emily’s wedding:
    Priest: Begone, ye demons from Hell! Back to the void from whence you came! You shall not enter here! Back... back... back!
    Skeleton: Keep it down, we're in a church.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Christopher Lee was the one delivering the line.
  • "Stay back! I've got a... dwarf, and I'm not afraid to use him!"
    • "I want some questions! Now!"
    "Answers. I think you mean answers."
  • "And with these hands... I will cup your..." (realizes he has hands over chest) "... Oh goodness no."
    • "With this candle, I shall... I shall... set your mother on fire."
  • As Victoria is getting her corsets laced: "Tighter. I can still hear you breathe without gasping."
  • The Everglotts on Victor:
    Mr. Everglott: If ever I see that Van Dort boy I'll strangle him with my bare hands!
    Mrs. Everglott: Your hands are too fat, and his neck is too thin. You'll have to use a rope.
  • When Victoria goes to the church:
    Priest: You should be at home, prostrate with grief!
  • As bad as you might feel for her, Victoria during her marriage to Lord Barkis is kind of funny. She's just so thrilled to be there.

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