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Heartwarming: Corpse Bride
  • Victor and Victoria's first meeting at the piano. It's so awkward, and yet surprisingly sweet.
  • Many very unexpectedly happen in the part where the dead return for a while to the land of the living.
    • "Grandpa?"
    • "Alfred? Oh, you've been dead for fifteen years!" "Frankly, my dear... I don't give a damn!"
    • Mayhew cheerfully greets the butcher he was hanging out at the beginning with, implying that they were friends when he was alive.
  • Victor was willing to die for Emily. Granted, he could see the afterlife was not so bad, but being able to overcome ingrained survival instincts by the Power of Love alone is impressive.
  • Emily getting between the sword and Victor protecting him from Lord Barkis has to count.
    • There is another brief moment from Emily during Victor's fight against Lord Barkis. At one point, a number of church benches are knocked over, so Emily puts her hand on Victoria's shoulder and pulls her to safety.
  • Emily's I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Her life- (and death-) long dream was in her hand... and she let it go so that others could be happy in her place. Counts as a Heroic Sacrifice, no?
  • Emily and Victor's piano duet.
  • In a bizarre way, typical of Tim Burton, there is the moment when Emily drags Victor to the netherworld in front of Victoria. However shocking that sight is to Victoria, at least it is a relief to know that she understands that her betrothed has not abandoned her of his free will.
  • After they first meet, Emily makes a sincere effort to get to know her new husband, and Victor reciprocates, albeit briefly.
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