Funny / Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


  • Flint discovers snowball fights.
    "Does it have a point system, or is it...(beat) to the death? (dramatic chord)"
  • The spaghetti twister. When the glass of a TV store is broken, a man enters and steals a TV. Then comes Flint's Remote Control TV, which steals a man.
  • "Strawberry's my favorite!"
  • "AVOCADO!"
  • When Flint's father is forced to send Flint's Killcode to the email on his phone, he has no idea how to "drag and drop", how to use a mouse, doesn't understand what a window is, and thinks "desktop" means a LITERAL desktop.
    • The accompanying dialogue makes it even funnier:
    Flint's Dad: "That didn't do anything!"
    Flint: "Of course it didn't! You know what...AAAGGGH!" (starts hitting himself with his phone)
  • A giant fortune cookie falls on the Great Wall of China, splits open, and reveals a large paper fortune slip. It says, "You are about to be crushed by a giant corn." Said thing promptly lands seconds later.
  • The ratbird carrying a kid off as soon as Flint says he's got them taken care of.
    • And one of the other kids almost nonchalantly yelling at him to play dead.
    • Later, it picks up the "world's biggest sardine" right after it escapes death and goes "Yippee!"
  • Sam reads the list of major cities that will be attacked by the falling food, and residents of each city are shown panicking. The list ends off with China, but the broadcast is heard in London... cue a lone Chinese guy panicking as well.
  • Sam's report about the reopening of the town being translated into several languages, including British (which kind of makes it pointless considering that British is just English with different word choice).
    • The best part is that the British broadcast is the only one that dubs over 'a la mode.'
    • The point being that "a la mode" isn't used to mean "served with ice cream" in Britain. Or in France, for that matter.
    • Actually, it's also a small jibe at the historical antipathy the British have for the French — they are the sole broadcasters who refuse to use French terminology.
  • All the times Manny's past occupations are mentioned.
  • Steve the monkey throwing "chocolate snowballs".
  • Steve in the porta-lift: "Lick ... lick ... lick...."
    • Plus Sam and Manny's introduction to the porta-lift.
      Flint: This is where the magic happens!
  • When tea rains on Britain, All the British people are running around saying "hot tea!" and holding up teacups.
  • The guys holding the signs saying "the world will end today" and "the world will end tomorrow". "I WIN!"
  • All of Mr. T's lines. All. Of. Them.
    • "My chest hairs are tingling!"
  • Anytime Flint announces what he's doing.
    Sam: (Picks up) Hello?
    Flint: (Slams down phone) HANGING UP. REGRETTING.
  • When Flint discovers snowball fights and goes overboard by breaking into a family's house, pelting them with snowballs.
  • During the end credits when it shows "before" and "after" shots of the various places that were destroyed by the food. Every place starts off gloomy but ends up with sparkles and rainbows. Then, a "before" shot of London being all foggy and gloomy... and then an "after" shot of London, still all foggy and gloomy.
  • When a young Flint's father is attempting to comfort him through the locked door:
    Flint's Dad: Not every sardine is meant to swim, son.
    Flint: (throwing himself on his bed) I DON'T UNDERSTAND FISHING METAPHORS!
  • Flint and Sam's first real meeting, wherein she kicks him in the face and - while Flint sighs over her - ogles his Spray-On Shoes, going from "What are they made of, some kind of elastic biopolymer adhesive?" to "I mean, ahah... Wow, they're shiny."
    • Made even funnier by the sudden Mood Whiplash when a very sad Sam sits down at the edge of the docks, just above an equally disponent Flint, and then suddenly she accidentally kicks the heels of her feet right into his eyes.
  • After Flint makes it snow ice cream:
    Sam: [...] I don't know how you're gonna top this!
    Flint: Maybe with... hot fudge? Hahahahahahahaha!
  • During the food storm, a guy in New York complains to a hot dog vendor about not having enough mustard, and then a shower of mustard pours on him, and the vendor cracks a satisfied grin.
  • "Four eyes! Four eyes! You need glasses to see!"
    • Made all the funnier when Flint sniggers a little as Sam's telling him the story around it.
  • "NO SCHOOL!"
  • The kids eat an ice cream snowman, and the pebbles and carrot left fall to the ground and form a sad face.
  • The gag with everybody in town turning around and gasping when they see the burger clouds coming over Swallow Falls.
  • Just before Sam tells Flint about her past;
    Sam: Can you keep a secret?
    Flint: Noooooooo
  • A man in New York is complaining about his hot dog not having any mustard on it. He's then drenched in mustard, while his hot dog remains completely untouched.
  • From the trailer for the sequel: "There's a leak in the boat!" Pan over to a sentient leek, who screams.
  • Steve is this in general, from his obsession with gummy bears (and we know what happens with him and gummy bears) to "yellow!" and "danger, danger, danger!".
  • One of the tourists who comes to Chew and Swallow, completely sincerely: "It seems safe to me, and sanitary, too!"
  • Sort of funny and Nightmare Fuel both at once is this line.
    Flint: "This...probably won't explode."
  • Introducing the Jell-O playground:
    Flint: "Everything's made of Jell-O! This piano, those sconces, that ghetto blaster, that Jell-O, that aquarium, that Venus de Milo with your face on it next to a Michaelangelo's David that also has your face!"
  • Flint kisses by puffing up his cheeks.
  • You won't notice it at first, but you can see the Blue Screen outline on the Mayor in his PSA.


  • At the beginning of the book, Grandpa accidentally flips a pancake right onto his grandson Henry's head.