Funny / The Christmas Tree

Technically, the whole movie is So Bad, It's Good. However, for a few specifics...
  • The excessively narmy voice acting at some points is incredibly funny, and makes serious moments be difficult to take seriously; even Lily's Disney Death is considered ridiculous when the children sound like they don't care.
  • Mrs. Mavilda Chewing the Scenery as she fires Judy.
    "Pack your things right NOW. You're FIRED!!!
  • Mrs. Mavilda being electrocuted by the pine tree. It's so out of left field, and the animation only conveys the literal and figurative shock all too well...
  • At one point, all the kids are cheering when the dog gets away... except for one kid who seems to just be nodding his head back and forth while sleeping.
  • Judy's emotionless line of "Raaay . . . " as Ray comes onscreen from out of nowhere.