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Heartwarming: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • "When it rains, you put on a coat." (First time.)
  • "I love you, son." "I know, Dad. You tell me every day."
  • "I mean, you were okay before, but NOW... you're BEAUTIFUL."
  • When the Mayor pits up the townspeople against Flint for causing all the disastrous food weather, Officer Devereaux, previously a jerk to Flint, stands up for Flint and convinces the townspeople to take responsibility for the food weather since they put in all the requests for the food in the first place, and he also convinces them to build rafts out of food to evacuate the island.
    • Though Officer Devereaux slaps him afterwards — as he specifically said he would. Immediately after that, he apologizes, but Flint seems to think it was fair.
  • when I take this... thing off and I make those fishing metaphors, you should know that those fishing metaphors mean...—"I love my son."
  • "Me too...but about you." Both times.
  • When Flint sacrifices himself to go shut down the machine. Sam couldn't go because she had a peanut allergy. Love Confession included.
  • "You never made a request, so I made one for you."
  • The main theme for the film, "Raining Sunshine". The perfect song to cap off a happy ending.
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