Fridge / Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Fridge Horror
  • Fridge Horror: Brent tossing away his diaper is symbolic of him liberating himself of his former image...and then you realize he's naked inside a giant chicken.
    • Think about it from the chicken's point of view: It eats something (Brent) which then begins wearing it as a suit, controlling its every action — and it's presumably still alive and conscious, but helpless, from that point forward... A fate worse than death indeed!
    • The Spray On Shoes, when you really think about them. Since they have the capability to stop the entire machine, which when you think about it, must be pushing billions of pounds of pressure, and eventually cause it to EXPLODE, coupled with the fact that they NEVER COME OFF, they are the deadliest weapon in the universe. Think about what could happen if someone sprayed them on your face or your eyes. You'd suffocate due to the mouth and windpipe being obstructed and you being unable to breathe, which then would cause instant brain-death. Long story short, you are pretty much fucked. SWEET DREAMS.