Funny: Class of 3000

  • "Ow, my eye!" It never gets old hearing that poor kid get smacked in the eye.
    • "Ow, my other eye!"
  • In the first episode, Madison gets a tuba stuck on her head. Later, while everyone is stuck in the rain, we get this:
    Eddie: Can we go home now? My cashmere sweater is shrinking.
    Madison: And so is this TUBA! (tuba somehow starts shrinking on her head)
    • Also in the first episode, we get this exchange while they watch the Sunny concert in Japan on TV:
    Madison: Hey, Kim, Kam, does watching this make you homesick?
    Kim: Not at all...
  • In "A Westley Side Story", after arriving at the Regional Competition, we get this:
    Sunny: Wonder if we got here before Eastley. *Crash* *Sunny's face goes blank* Nope.
    Eddie: (Holding a brick, reading) "Dear Westley, we ran out of rocks, but you still stink. Signed: Eastley." *another crash*
    Philly Phil: (reading) "Dear Westley, we found more rocks."
    • Made even funnier when you take into account that Eddie and Phil used their totally normal voices for that.
    • There's also everyone but Kim and Kam (who are absent) grabbing hold soundly of the Idiot Ball. It's so obvious, it seems almost like a parody of it.
    Sunny: Now if I know Eastley, they're gonna try some dirty tricks on you. So y'all better keep a real close eye on your instruments.
    Lil'D: We will. We ain't no dummies.
    Sunny: I'm serious y'all, don't let nothing distract you. *leaves*
    Sunny: One for for Madison.
    Madison: Yes! Pick me!
  • From "Brotha From the Third Rock", we get this little gem.
    Philly Phil: *while walking around what he believes is an alien plant with broken glasses and while being disoriented* 'Well, wherever I am, it appears to have air, sunlight, and- *trips* ... gravity.'
  • In "Free Philly", when Philly Phil is reunited with his friends, if you listen REALLY closely, you can here Kam going: "Ahhhh... Cheesy Puffs..."
  • Everything that led up to the kids becoming convinced that Sunny is a pirate in "Hunt For the Red Blobtober." Actually, everything in that whole episode.