Fridge / Class of 3000

Fridge Brilliance
  • At first, it may seem kind of out-of-the-blue that Kim can play the piano. Kam's her brother; she's bound to have learned something living with the class' pianist!
  • Big D is known to sell Extreme Ham. What else would you call that? Devilled ham!

Fridge Horror
  • Westley School is terrifying when you think about it. Between chronic underfunding and what they serve in the cafeteria, it's a wonder anyone would send their kid there.
  • Philly Phil is shown to be able to eat and even enjoy the food served at Westley, and even other unusual items, like a pinecone with mud on it, a donut with a lit candle, and a soda can (to be fair, he does seem to have trouble with the last one). That can't be good for his digestive system...

Fridge Logic