Fridge / Class of 3000
Oh, now I get it!

Fridge Brilliance
  • At first, it may seem kind of out-of-the-blue that Kim can play the piano. But then it hits you: Kam's her brother; she's bound to have learned something living with the class' pianist!
  • Big D is known to sell Extreme Ham. What else would you call that? Devilled ham!
  • Phil's goggles serving as his glasses makes sense; as he's used to having his inventions explode, it's more than likely he decided to combine his vision aids with something a bit more protective than standard eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • The kids are all misfits. Outcasts, if you would.
"What would Sunny be doing behind a bush?" "What does anybody do behind a bush?"

Fridge Horror
  • Westley School is terrifying when you think about it. Between chronic underfunding and what they serve in the cafeteria, it's a wonder anyone would send their kid there.
  • Philly Phil is shown to be able to eat and even enjoy the food served at Westley, and even other unusual items, like a pinecone with mud on it, a donut with a lit candle, and a soda can (to be fair, he does seem to have trouble with the last one). That can't be good for his digestive system...
  • In "Big Robot on Campus," Philly Phil builds a robot, BROC, intending to become popular by associating with BROC. When BROC becomes popular but Phil doesn't, Phil says "BROC says I'm crowdin' his style." Kam points out that Phil made BROC, so the robot shouldn't have the right to say that. Phil's response? A shrug. The implication is that he's USED to being treated like this.

Fridge Logic