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Sunny is Li'l D's father.

Let's think about it now. Child Sunny was rather short. Li'l D is rather short. Child Sunny also had a similar face shape to Li'l D's. Sunny is musically gifted, and Li'l D's official profile on the (now-down) website said that he could play many instruments. Plus, there's gotta be a reason why Li'l D admires Sunny so much, besides the music...

It would explain quite a bit.
  • In the Christmas Special, Eddie mentions that Phil was trying to make a white Christmas, "just like the ones [he] used to know" implying that Phil comes from a snowy part of the world; perhaps he came from an ice age?
  • He's in unusually good shape for a geek. He's also confident in being able to "win the next Tour De France for the next two centuries", like he'd be able to live that long.
  • Also would explain his bizarre fashion sense if this is the case; he's simply not used to dressing like a 21st century kid!
  • He's also the only kid to not bring in an instrument from any culture in "Brotha From the Third Rock." If this theory is indeed true, who's to say that heritages are obsolete in his native time period?
  • He felt more at home (for a short time) at a tech school rather than Westley; it could have felt more like his original time.
  • Finally, his house is more high-tech on the inside, with the implication that his family modified it; possibly to feel more like their original time.