Radar / Class of 3000

He almost said the A-S-S word on a Y7-rated show.

A show whose main cast consists of seven musical misfits and their ex-celebrity teacher. This show has gotten its fair share past the radar.
  • "And I'll never pass that poetry class! I can't make a rhyme to save my... butt."
  • Ms. Lopez's bathing suit in "Nothin To It But To Do It".
    • Jan's speedo (on a KID'S show) also counts.
  • "OW! ... I crushed my cookies..." Taking into account the position he was in, we're sure that a lot more than just cookies were crushed there...
  • "The Devil and Lil' D". Any viewer would be able to figure out very quickly who a large man named "Big D" with a goatee and a red suit, owning a company located underground should be...
  • The "Oh Peanut" video of all things. The kids and Sunny all get cardboard cutouts of themselves, all in different outfits. While Sunny and most of the kids get fairly standard outfits, Kim and Philly Phil... Don't. Kim gets a Carmen Miranda-inspired getup, fruit hat and Bare Your Midriff included. Philly Phil, meanwhile, is either only wearing boots, a space helmet, and shorts or a Form-Fitting Wardrobe over the aforementioned articles; additionally, he appears to be surprisingly toned.
    • Particularly jarring when you realize both characters are no older than 13.
  • Tamika pictures Eddie on a concrete breaker in S1 E9 as an assignment to find music in the streets to which he responds, "They always say you pile drive the one you love."