Heartwarming / Class of 3000

The best Christmas the A-town's ever seen!

Considering the premise, these misfits do bring their share of d'awesome.

Please place all examples in order of airdate.
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     Season 1 
  • At the end of 'Prank Yankers', even after getting clocked by Tamika, Li'l D proudly exclaims that they all missed her and the kids pull in for a group hug.
  • Sunny rekindling with his mentor.

     Season 2 
  • The last few minutes of 'Free Philly'. To elaborate: After Philly Phil transfers and his friends feel guilty about it, they build a huge float specifically out of all the kinds of things Philly Phil likes, then sing a song dedicated to him. Then they loose control of the float, prompting Philly Phil to save them. Then some of the students from the school he transferred to come out to take him back, calling the others 'music geeks' in the process. Cue:
    Philly Phil: "Hey! Those 'Music Geeks' happen to be my friends!"
    Phil's Girlfriend: "What are saying Philly Phil?
    Philly Phil: "I guess I'm saying... I'm a Music Geek!"
    Random Geek: "You can't be a Science Geek and a Music Geek. You have to choose."
    Lil'D: "No you don't. We like you exactly the way you are. We sorry we ever made you feel like we didn't..."
    Geeks: *Angry Muttering*
    Philly Phil: *Quick Death Glare at geeks* Really?
    Lil'D: "Yeah man. You ain't no kind of Geek. You're our friend. For life."
  • Li'l D's speech to the chairman in "Vote Sunny." To writ, the kids, working together, have snuck into the Atlanta Teacher of the Year Award banquet, and accidentally got Sunny disqualified. Li'l D's response?
    Li'l D: "... You gotta do the same thing in music as you do to break into a ridiculous security building. And that's work together.
    Other kids: (Agreement)
    Li'l D: "We seven very different kids. But he [Sunny] got us all harmonized and stuff. You don't believe me? Check this out." (He turns to the other kids) "You wanna show these guys what kinda teacher Sunny is?"
    (Agreement, followed by the kids taking out their instruments... And the song, "Teacher of the Year.")

     The Class of 3000 Christmas Special 
The Christmas Episode might as well be a crowning episode of heartwarming.
  • The kids get gifts at the end, doubling as a heartwarming Brick Joke to the first scenes.
    • Madison gets a pet sea otter to play with the sea turtle she got last year. The turtle even approves!
    • Kim gets the outfit she described. A little thing, but still sweet.
    • Tamika gets a "lame Sweet Baby Poops Himself Doll." That she quietly says to Santa that it's just what she wanted with a big smile.
    • Eddie gets a picture of himself and Tamika in Santa's sleigh. Even if Tamika doesn't look like she cares in the photo, the episode suggests she may actually like him back.
    • Phil gets a big red button that, when pushed, makes it snow. The big Happy Dance he does says it all...
  • He stops after seeing Li'l D without a gift. "I'm sorry you didn't get your Xter." That his first concern is for his friend says a lot about Phil's character.
  • After that, Li'l D says he doesn't care, because him trying to get one almost ruined Christmas, and that he's just glad he could fix it.
    • "And THAT'S how you get on Santa's nice list!" Even if Li'l D doesn't get why, he got his Xter anyway.
    • This prompts Kam to realize that yes, there is such a thing as Santa. He then gets his own gift: a membership to the Bigfoot fan club. "Yes! I love Bigfoot!" This is easily the happiest Kam looks in the entire special.
  • The ending song. They're even referred to as a family. Aww.