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Heartwarming: Class of 3000
  • The ending song of the Christmas Episode. They're even referred to as a family. Aww.
    • Speaking of the Christmas Episode, this troper would like to nominate the kids getting their gifts. It always makes her sleep good.
  • Sunny rekindling with his mentor.
  • The last few minutes of 'Free Philly'. To elaborate: After Phily Phil transfers and his friends feel guilty about it, they build a huge float specifically out of all the kinds of things Phily Phil likes, then sing a song dedicated to him. Then they loose control of the float, prompting Phily Phil to save them. Then some of the students from the school he transferred to come out to take him back, calling the others 'music geeks' in the process. Cue:
    Phily Phil: "Hey! Those 'Music Geeks' happen to be my friends!"
    Phil's Girlfriend: "What are saying Phily Phil?
    Phily Phil: "I guess I'm saying... I'm a Music Geek!"
    Random Geek: "You can't be a Science Geek and a Music Geek. You have to choose."
    Lil'D: "No you don't. We like you exactly the way you are. We sorry we ever made you feel like we didn't..."
    Geeks: *Angry Muttering*
    Phily Phil: *Quick Death Glare at geeks* Really?
    Lil'D: "Yeah man. You ain't no kind of Geek. You're our friend. For life."
ClarenceHeartwarming/WESTERNANIMATIONCodename: Kids Next Door

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