Nightmare Fuel: Class of 3000

A show about seven musically-talented middle school misfits and their ex-superstar teacher? Gee, how could this be scar- WHAT IS THAT?!

  • The maid's face in the "Clean Up" music video. To be more specific, a real woman's eyes, nose and face on a cartoon woman. Uncanny Valley ahoy!
  • Li'l D's smile in the "We Want Your Soul" music video. The only thing to wonder is if it's a Broken Smile or a Slasher Smile.
  • A minor example, but it's still there. The Renaissance Fair in "Safety Last" features a "Plague Re-enactment" tent. Granted, you don't actually see it and it's never mentioned again, but still...
    Man's Voice: This plague is so realistic!
    Man's Voice 2: What a rash!
    Woman's Voice: Oh- I can't feel my legs!
  • The blob. First, there's what it is, a blob monster made from a fusion of sloppy joe and nuclear waste. Second, it can apparently act in many parts (when it escapes from Westley). Third, the fact that it could have easily gone into critical mass.