Awesome / Class of 3000
"Ha! A-town hustle!"

It's not just the songs that can be amazing.

Please place examples in order of airdate.
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     Season 1 
  • Eddie scaring away the rabid dog that chased him and Li'l D earlier in 'Eddie's Money'. Bonus points for being the one who seems to get scared the easiest.
  • The end of "the Devil and Li'l D." Sunny gives up his soul to the Devil so Li'l D can be free. Then he sings so bad from sundown to sunrise, explains that he can't do it since he has no soul and thus the Devil rips his contract. With no contract, Sunny is free to go. It provides the page image.

     Season 2 
  • The last scene of "Free Philly" provides examples for two characters:
    • First, when the machine they built to persuade Philly Phil to come back to Westley malfunctions, Phil jumps in without a moment's hesitation to save them. Using his helicopter pants, he flies everyone to safety in a human chain before the cart explodes, showing no apparent strain.
    • Next, Principal Luna is called in to challenge the magnet school's head over paperwork. Luna pulls himself out of his full body-cast to produce Westley's paperwork, which allows Philly Phil to return to Westley.
  • From "Tamika and the Beast": Tamika finds out who's actually been destroying Li'l D's drum sets, and proceeds to chase the perp around the school at ridiculously fast speeds. Near the end of the chase, he runs into the circus arts' tent, and locks himself in a cage... which contains a lion. He decides to try and leave... Only to find Tamika is on the other side. Given the choice between the lion and Tamika's wrath, what does he pick? "I'm cool in here."
    • She then comes up on stage with the perp, and forces him to confess under threat of super-powered wedgie.
    • Heck, that Tamika was the only one of the kids not afraid of The Beast is pretty awesome in itself.
  • The end of "Big Robot on Campus". For reference, it has Phil wrestling his not-so-rogue robot on top of a biplane. He is shown to be capable of holding his own against the robot, and then kicking it off the plane. Then Sunny skywrites "Westley Still The Best After 101 Years". Also qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Even Phil's attempt at a Badass Boast counts: "You're not about to get the best of me, BROC! I made you, and I can break you!"
  • When Tamika gives up hope of being rescued in "Take a Hike!", who gets them out of the mess? Madison, who keeps a cool head and plays her violin to try and cheer Tamika up. The resulting music not only does cheer up Tamika, but also attracts the attention of the other lost hikers, allowing them all to be rescued.