Funny / Chicken Little

  • Fish reenacts King Kong, and after Kong dies, Runt cradles him tearfully and laments "'twas beauty that killed the beast!"
    • The whole gym scene, actually, but Chicken Little accidentally pulling the fire alarm and causing his newspaper-pants to get wet and fall off is easily one of the highlights of the film.
  • When the aliens wreak havoc upon the town.
    Turkey Lurkey: We surrender! Here, the key to the city! (Alien zaps key) The keys to my car? (Alien zaps key and car at the same time) ...Tic Tac? (Alien zaps him)
  • Runt is so obese he can't even fit in the door of the fire engine he commandeers.
  • Runt is the biggest kid in his class, but he's the runt of his litter.
  • Buck's exasperation at things can be quite funny.
    Buck: A movie?! Oh, jeez.
    Buck: Okay, you were right son! I get it, I was wrong! Now let's go!
    Buck: Hey! There's no need for language!
  • When Chicken Little tries to get all the townspeople to see the alien spacecraft he and his friends happened upon just as it's leaving, and suddenly Turkey Lurkey stops everyone.
    Turkey Lurkey: Oh look. A penny.
    Chicken Little: GUYYYS!!!
    Turkey Lurkey: Oh, right. (everyone continues running)
  • The movie adaptation of Chicken Little's story is hysterical in its utter twisting of what actually occurred.
    Hollywood Abby: Commander Little, no!
    Hollywood Chicken Little: Please, call me (beat).........Ace.
    Hollywood Abby: Oh, Ace No! (Ace Tries This)
    • What makes this even better is that just before the scene in the theatre, Buck and Chicken Little have this exchange:
    Buck: I'd like to see the movie they make about you now!
    Chicken Little: I just hope they stick close to what happened.
    Buck: Son, these guys are from Hollywood. One thing they're not gonna do is mess with a good story.
  • Fish Out Of Water sometimes.
  • "You gotta be ready to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say."