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  • Creator Killer: Though it was still commercially successful, it did need international box office, plus its critical derision did helmer Mark Dindal's career no favors after he was shafted on Cats Don't Dance a decade prior, and he hasn't been able to hold on to an animation gig since. The dealings at Disney and Michael Eisner attempting to beat former protege Jeffrey Katzenberg at his own game through this film brought down his career as well, and he ended up taking animation head David Stainton with him when Stainton was replaced by Ed Catmull.
  • Executive Meddling: The movie originally stuck to the fable by using a female Chicken Little and you can even see the original opening with the female Chicken Little on the DVD special features. Michael Eisner had her changed to a boy to appeal better to young boys.
  • Follow the Leader: It's hard not to notice that the film is aping the Shrek formula to a T, albeit with slightly less anti-Disney humor (in this case, it's more self-deprecating).
    • The story and characters themselves draw several heavy parallels to that of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, as noticed by one YouTube commenter, who said the following:
    They are both the exact same story: a short, intelligent protagonist tries to strengthen his reputation when aliens invade. And if you don't believe me there, Chicken Little recycles the "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" plot point for point:
    They both start with the main character making a mistake. (Jimmy Neutron contacts aliens without his parents' permission/ Chicken Little thinks the sky is falling)
    They both miss the bus while being ridiculed and a pop song plays. (Jimmy Neutron Theme by Bowling for Soup/ One Little Slip by Barenaked Ladies)
    They both have a scene in their school where major and minor characters are introduced (show and tell/ role call and dodge-ball fight)
    Both main characters have a jetpack (Jimmy's is his backpack/ Chicken Little's is a soda)
    Both accidentally get in trouble with their parents (Jimmy flies a jet-pack in the house/ Chicken Little pulls the fire alarm)
    Both go against the norm to win over their peers without parental favor. (Jimmy sneaks out to Retroland/ Chicken Little joins the baseball team)
    Both wish upon a star (Jimmy wishes for life without adults/ Chicken Little wishes for Buck's love)
    Aliens invade (the Yokians steal all the adults in Retroville/ the aliens in Chicken Little come for... unexplained reasons)
    The main character has a scene of them having a good time (Jimmy and friends enjoy life without parental control/ Chicken little wins the baseball championship)
    Both discover evidence of an alien invasion (Jimmy finds the note that doesn't match his parents' handwriting/ Chicken Little found a piece of the sky)
    Both try to confront the aliens (Jimmy organizes all the kids to build spaceships and travel to another planet/ the fish gets captured and Chicken Little chases the spaceship)
    Both have a scene where the main character explores the aliens' culture (Jimmy witnesses the Yokiens' advancements/
    The aliens find out about the main characters and attack (the Yokiens capture Jimmy and the kids/ the aliens in Chicken Little flat-out attack the town)
    Both main characters have a heart-to-heart speech during the threat (Cindy talks Jimmy into breaking them out/ Buck and Chicken Little make up during the invasion)
    They both stop the aliens while giving a monologue (Jimmy gets offended by the aliens making fun of his size/ Chicken Little and Buck convince the alien leader to be a better parent)
    The obnoxious girl is no longer a threat (Cindy vows to not be cruel to Jimmy anymore/ Foxy Loxy has her entire personality altered)
    In the end, it’s all a misunderstanding (Jimmy apologizes to his parents/ the aliens just came to pick acorns)
    And the characters are the exact same in both movies as well:
    A short protagonist who is more intelligent than all the rest of the town (Jimmy Neutron/ Chicken Little)
    Parents that don’t understand the protagonist’s ideas (Hugh and Judy Neutron/ Buck Cluck)
    An entire town that ridicules him (Retroville/ Oakey Oaks)
    An obnoxious girl who gains pleasure from ridiculing him (Cindy Vortex/ Foxy Loxy) and her unneeded sidekick (Libby Folfax/ Goosey Loosey)
    A few losers who are the main character’s only friends, including a fat one (Carl Wheezer/ Runt of the Litter) and a weirdo (Sheen Estevez/ Fish out of Water and Abby Mallard)
    An annoying teacher (Miss Fowl/ Mr. Woolensworth)
    A cool kid with a VERY minor role (Nick Dean/ Morkubine Porcupine)
    Aliens that attack due to a misunderstanding (the Yokians/ the aliens from Chicken Little, whatever they’re called) including their overly angry leader (King Goobot/ Kirby’s father) and and an a really annoying one (Ooblar/ Kirby)
    One last note that makes them similar is that they both have good CGI animation, but nothing Disney or Dreamworks quality. And they both have soundtracks composed entire of pop songs.
  • Image Source: Fish Out of Water gives us Mobile Fishbowl.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Kingdom Hearts II came out before the actual movie in Japan, so this was Chicken Little's official introduction to Japanese audiences.
  • Old Shame: After getting slammed for trying to capitalize on the snarky, edgy DreamWorks style, Disney pretty much forgot that this movie ever happened, helped in part by John Lasseter becoming the new studio head.
  • The Other Marty: Holly Hunter was originally cast as Chicken Little and recorded all her dialogue before the film was rewritten. Zach Braff replaced her.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Chicken Little's critical thrashing and the changing of the guard at Disney ended this franchise right away; the only other part of Disney where someone from this film was known to have shown up in was Kingdom Hearts II.
  • What Could Have Been: Chicken Little was going to stay closer to the original story, by having Chicken Little bea female, and the original villain of the movie was called "Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing." This character wound up being cut out of that animated feature entirely when WDFA dropped this picture's original sleep away-camp-based plot and opted to go with an aliens-from-outer-space-invading storyline instead.
    • There was going to be a Chicken Little 2. In the story, Chicken Little finds himself in the midst of a love triangle. His childhood sweetheart Abby Mallard would go against a very attractive new student, Raffaela, who was a French sheep. Abby’s at a tremendous disadvantage here, being an “ugly-duckling”, so she goes to great lengths to give herself a makeover. The film getting critically crushed and John Lasseter getting back into Disney Animation cracked this egg before it could cook.

  • This was also the last Disney Animated Feature in the U.S. to carry a form of the original Walt Disney Pictures logo that started appearing with The Black Cauldron. The films from this point have both the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo and the studio's newly created Vanity Plate from Steamboat Willie; they changed names from Walt Disney Feature Animation to Walt Disney Animation Studios after this as well.