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Funny: Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
  • (A pig falls into a volcano)
    Ed:: Is that bacon I smell?
  • In an earlier episode Brandy and Whiskers discover an ancient temple. Several episodes later, with the help of the other animals of the Amazon jungle, they turn that same temple into a shopping mall. Just so Brandy has somewhere to shop.
  • Any one of the random Imagine Spots.
  • During "Cyranosaurus Rex" when Whiskers is talking about his lady love.
    Mr. Whiskers: Her name is Isabel.
    Brandy: How do you know?
    Mr. Whiskers: I heard it on the wind.
    Wind blowing through window: ISABELLE!
  • The following exchange:
    Brandy: Trust me, it'll work! I saw it on TV once!
    Lola: But Brandy, this isn't TV, it's real life!
  • In one episode, Brandy and Whiskers try to get Whiskers' video game back from a temple. Soon enough, both the game and Brandy are hanging over the edge of a volcano and Whiskers can't decide which to save:
    Whiskers: Brandy? Monkey Maniacs? Brandy? Monkey Maniacs? Brandy? STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!? (cut to a picture of an actual strawberry shortcake and then back to Whiskers drooling over the mental image)
    • Earlier:
    Whiskers: What do you call that deja vu feeling when you think you've experienced something before?
    Brandy: (matter of factly) Deja vu.
    Whiskers: No, that's not it. Now what do you call that deja vu feeling when you think you've experienced something before?
    Brandy: Deja vu!
    Whiskers: No. That's not it either. Now what do you call that deja vu feeling when you think you've experienced something before?
    Brandy: DEJA STINKIN' VU!
    • The fourth wall destroying ending:
    Whiskers: I learned that there is more to life than staring at a flickering video screen!
    Brandy: But that lesson doesn't apply to television, does it, Mr. Whiskers?
    Whiskers: Oh no, Brandy. One can never watch enough television.
    (both laugh nervously before a hand with a remote control turns them off)
  • In "The Going Bananas Republic", Gaspar describes life under Whiskers' rule to a reporter as "Unending chaos; rivers dried up, the jungle in flames, thousand of years of darkness and tears". When she asks what his rule would be like, he replies "Pretty much the same thing, but I have a nicer smile." then smiles showing a bug between his teeth.
  • The hillbilly sloths attempting to chase after Brandy, Whiskers, Ed, and Lola in "The Stress Test". Needless to say, they fail in catching them.
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