Awesome / Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

  • The scene from Con Hare where Ed of all characters dodges his way through a passageway of arrows, completely flawless.
  • Mr. Whiskers revealing his magic talent to Brandy by doing the following magic trick.
    Whiskers: Pick a card, any card.
    Brandy: *picks card, then puts it back*
    Whiskers: *pulls out a card*
    Whiskers: Oh look, the Eight of Clubs!
    Brandy: Sorry, Whiskers, my card was a—
    Whiskers: A Queen of hearts, I know.
    Brandy: That's right! But why didn't you just pull the Queen of Hearts out of the deck then?
    Whiskers: Because it is not in the deck anymore. You are now wearing it as pants.
    Brandy: What!? *looks down to see that she is indeed wearing the card as pants and gasps in astonishment* Whiskers that's the most amazing thing I've ever seen! How did you do it?
    Whiskers: Hmm, ehh, I honestly do not know. I'm a rabbit — magic just comes naturally.