Funny / Bonkers

  • In "Out of Sight, Out of Toon":
    • When Lucky is shrunken in a trash can:
    Bonkers: What should I do, what should I do?
    Lucky: Call me a doctor!
    Bonkers: Okay, "you're a doctor", sheesh!
    Lucky: (to Bonkers) There is no reason to cry over a pot roast!
  • "Once in a Blue Toon", where Lucky and Bonkers have to reform a prisoner, has quite a few:
    • This quote:
    Bonkers: We'll show him he has nothing to fear but fear itself. And, of course, the IRS.
    • This:
    Bonkers: (to Louse) This world is beautiful! This office is beautiful! You, are beautiful! Love and peace to us all!
    Lucky: (obviously disinterested) Uh, yeah, it's, uh... beautiful, uh... peace...
    • Bonkers accuses Lucky of not being patient with the Louse. Lucky snaps back, "I AM PATIENT!!!!.... (collects himself) I am patient."
    • When the Louse stays at Lucky's house:
    Lucky: I guess it's just you and me, so let's set the ground rules: Do not touch anything in my house, do not drool on anything in my house, do not eat anything in my house... don't eat my house period, you understand?
    Louse: May I go outside?
    Lucky: As long as you don't eat any of the lawn furniture... or the lawn.
    • Bonkers checks the "prison reformer" manual again:
    Bonkers: According to the book, recreational activities can prove very useful in the reform process.
    Lucky: Yeah?? What say we take him skydiving?
    Bonkers: Nah, don't have a parachute.
    Lucky: ...So?
    • Kanifky announces he's all prepared for the prisoner reform speech, "took a bath and everything".
    • Then when Lucky helps Kanifky put on his tie, it gets twisted and Kanifky pushes him away: "Go away, you're no help!"
  • In "The Greatest Story Never Told", Bonkers morphs into the shape of Lucky when reciting something Lucky said.
    • When Bonkers is arresting Lucky:
    Bonkers: Sorry, Lucky, I'm gonna have to throw the book at ya.
    Lucky: Fine.
    Bonkers: What's your preference: Romance or sci-fi?
  • In "The Comeback Kid", when Lucky is practicing his Shakespeare:
    Lucky: Romans, countrymen, I come not to bury Caesar, but to name a salad after him!
  • "Stay Tooned", when Bonkers goes crazy from waiting in the squad car:
    Lucky: That's what a stakeout's all about there, pal. Always remember the three As and one P: (Bonkers accidentally ties up his fingers in a knot while Lucky's talking) Be aware, alert, attentive, and patient.
    Bonkers: What was that last one? I wasn't listening.
    • Bonkers's interrogation of Fall-Apart in "Stay Tooned":
    Bonkers: Why did you decide to get a new sock just now?
    Fall-Apart: Impulse buying?
    Bonkers: Argyle?
    Fall-Apart: Polyester.
    Bonkers: So, they were in on this too.
    Fall-Apart: Who?
    Bonkers: (holds up picture) Polly and Ester!
    Fall-Apart: Never heard of 'em.
    Bonkers: That's what they all say. How many did you try on before you found this one?
    Fall-Apart: Stopped counting after the fifth store.
    Bonkers: Mind if I dust for footprints?
    Fall-Apart: Just don't get the sock dirty!
    Bonkers: Where were you on the night of the 33rd?
    Fall-Apart: In the dark.
  • In "I Oughta be In Toons", when Bonkers and Lucky were at the door of Mickey Mouse's house, after ringing the doorbell, they heard this,
    Imposter: (deep rough voice)Who is it?!-Uh,er(clears voice, does a poor impression of Mickey's voice)I mean, who is it?! Ha ha ha! Hahahaha!
    • Bonkers and Lucky's dumbfounded 'what the Heck?' expression to that was also funny.
    • And when Bonkers tries to shake Mickey's hand from inside the pet carrier he's in.
    Bonkers: Wow, you really have shorter fingers than I thought.
    Mickey: You shook hands with my foot.
    Bonkers: (starstruck) I touched the mouse's foot!
  • The ending of "Frame That Toon", where it's revealed that Bonkers has an exact double. It drives Lucky insane.
  • At the beginning of "Color Me Piquel", Lucky and Bonkers are stuck together by a drain pipe. The mechanic getting them loose tries a blowtorch, which doesn't work, so he grabs a chainsaw and tells them, "Don't you wiggle." Made funnier by the fact that the mechanic has an Elvis voice for some reason.
  • "In the Bag": The ending, where the "inspector" turns out to be a city inspector, not the police inspector that Lucky assumed. Lucky tells Bonkers in a comical but menacing voice, "Bonkers... I'm gonna get you..." Complete with a close-up of his psychotic eyes.
    • The ending freeze frame, where a bandaged Lucky is sprayed with sewage from the pipe that the inspector accidentally pulled off.
  • "Fall Apart Land": Seymour Sleazebottom is ultimately arrested for operating a theme park without a mouse.