Funny / Bonkers

  • In "Out of Sight, Out of Toon":
    • When Lucky is shrunken in a trash can:
    Bonkers: What should I do, what should I do?
    Lucky: Call me a doctor!
    Bonkers: Okay, "you're a doctor", sheesh!
    Lucky: (to Bonkers) There is no reason to cry over a pot roast!
  • "Once in a Blue Toon", where Lucky and Bonkers have to reform a prisoner, has quite a few:
    • This quote:
    Bonkers: We'll show him he has nothing to fear but fear itself. And, of course, the IRS.
    • This:
    Bonkers: (to Louse) This world is beautiful! This office is beautiful! You, are beautiful! Love and peace to us all!
    Lucky: (obviously disinterested) Uh, yeah, it's, uh... beautiful, uh... peace...
    • Bonkers accuses Lucky of not being patient with the Louse. Lucky snaps back, "I AM PATIENT!!!!.... (collects himself) I am patient."
    • When the Louse stays at Lucky's house:
    Lucky: I guess it's just you and me, so let's set the ground rules: Do not touch anything in my house, do not drool on anything in my house, do not eat anything in my house... don't eat my house period, you understand?
    Louse: May I go outside?
    Lucky: As long as you don't eat any of the lawn furniture... or the lawn.
    • Bonkers checks the "prison reformer" manual again:
    Bonkers: According to the book, recreational activities can prove very useful in the reform process.
    Lucky: Yeah?? What say we take him skydiving?
    Bonkers: Nah, don't have a parachute.
    Lucky: ...So?
    • Kanifky announces he's all prepared for the prisoner reform speech, "took a bath and everything".
    • Then when Lucky helps Kanifky put on his tie, it gets twisted and Kanifky pushes him away: "Go away, you're no help!"
  • In "The Greatest Story Never Told", Bonkers morphs into the shape of Lucky when reciting something Lucky said.
    • When Bonkers is arresting Lucky:
    Bonkers: Sorry, Lucky, I'm gonna have to throw the book at ya.
    Lucky: Fine.
    Bonkers: What's your preference: Romance or sci-fi?
  • In "The Comeback Kid", when Lucky is practicing his Shakespeare:
    Lucky: Romans, countrymen, I come not to bury Caesar, but to name a salad after him!
  • "Stay Tooned", when Bonkers goes crazy from waiting in the squad car:
    Lucky: That's what a stakeout's all about there, pal. Always remember the three As and one P: (Bonkers accidentally ties up his fingers in a knot while Lucky's talking) Be aware, alert, attentive, and patient.
    Bonkers: What was that last one? I wasn't listening.
    • Bonkers's interrogation of Fall-Apart in "Stay Tooned":
    Bonkers: Why did you decide to get a new sock just now?
    Fall-Apart: Impulse buying?
    Bonkers: Argyle?
    Fall-Apart: Polyester.
    Bonkers: So, they were in on this too.
    Fall-Apart: Who?
    Bonkers: (holds up picture) Polly and Ester!
    Fall-Apart: Never heard of 'em.
    Bonkers: That's what they all say. How many did you try on before you found this one?
    Fall-Apart: Stopped counting after the fifth store.
    Bonkers: Mind if I dust for footprints?
    Fall-Apart: Just don't get the sock dirty!
    Bonkers: Where were you on the night of the 33rd?
    Fall-Apart: In the dark.
  • In "I Oughta be In Toons", when Bonkers and Lucky were at the door of Mickey Mouse's house, after ringing the doorbell, they heard this,
    Imposter: (deep rough voice)Who is it?!-Uh,er(clears voice, does a poor impression of Mickey's voice)I mean, who is it?! Ha ha ha! Hahahaha!
    • Bonkers and Lucky's dumbfounded 'what the Heck?' expression to that was also funny.
    • And when Bonkers tries to shake Mickey's hand from inside the pet carrier he's in.
    Bonkers: Wow, you really have shorter fingers than I thought.
    Mickey: You shook hands with my foot.
    Bonkers: (starstruck) I touched the mouse's foot!
    • Lucky Piquel is given a mouse ears hat as Mickey's show if gratitude. He claims to not want it, but once Bonkers leaves, he looks around and puts the hat on with a huge smile.
  • The ending of "Frame That Toon", where it's revealed that Bonkers has an exact double. It drives Lucky insane.
    Lucky: There are two of you? Heh... Oh noooo no, that can't be. Tell me that isn't true, because... where did I go wrong? There can't be two, because if there's two... (babbles)
  • At the beginning of "Color Me Piquel", Lucky and Bonkers are stuck together by a drain pipe. The mechanic getting them loose tries a blowtorch, which doesn't work, so he grabs a chainsaw and tells them, "Don't you wiggle." Made funnier by the fact that the mechanic has an Elvis voice for some reason.
    • Piquel finally succeeds in using "tooning" by crossing a bridge summoned out of nowhere. When the episode's bad guys start crossing it, too, one of them makes the mistake of saying the bridge doesn't exist, which causes it to disappear and the two villains to fall.
  • "In the Bag": The ending, where the "inspector" turns out to be a city inspector, not the police inspector that Lucky assumed. Lucky tells Bonkers in a comical but menacing voice, "Bonkers... I'm gonna get you..." Complete with a close-up of his psychotic eyes.
    • The ending freeze frame, where a bandaged Lucky is sprayed with sewage from the pipe that the inspector accidentally pulled off.
  • "Fall Apart Land": Seymour Sleazebottom is ultimately arrested for operating a theme park without a mouse.
  • This exchange from "Hamster Houseguest", when Bonkers is asking Lucky to give him equipment to help Tiny while dressed as a doctor.
    Bonkers: Henway.
    Lucky: What's a henway?
    Bonkers: About two pounds.
    Lucky: Ba-dum-pum.
  • "Cereal Surreal"
    • Chief Kanifky crying about not getting his decoder ring.
    • The Springtime for Hitler moment where Turbo, Banshee, and Kapow's attempt at ruining Slap, Sniffle, and Plop's reputation by encouraging children to scream "I'm ticked off and I'm not gonna take it anymore" only proves Mr. Wheatbottom's belief that Slap, Sniffle, and Plop are still popular.
    • This exchange.
    Bonkers: I can't believe it! Slap, Sniffle, and Plop were my heroes!
    Lucky: Three guys floating on a cereal box were your heroes?
    Bonkers: Well, them and the guy in the toilet.note 
  • Lilith DuPrave torturing Bonkers and Miranda with a trio of bad Elvis impersonators in "What You Read Is What You Get".
  • Flaps the Elephant imitating Catcha's performance of The Itsy Bitsy Spider in "CasaBonkers", complete with wearing a blue dress.
  • Al Vermin provides this glorious gem in "The 29th Page" when his goons are having trouble opening a safe.
    Al Vermin: Remind me to get you weaklings dumbbells for Christmas. (pause) On second thought, I don't want any more dummies working for me.
  • At one point in "Cartoon Cornered", Sergeant Grating looks like he's about to get eaten by a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, but he's off the hook when it turns out to be time for the dinosaur's tea break.