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Funny: The Brak Show
  • Anytime Dad opens his mouth, expect to hear the funniest thing you'll ever hear in your life.
    • "I am sick of being pushed around like a stolen shopping cart full of rotten pumpkin meat!"
    • "You found your real parents?"
    • "Mother, people only invite you to dinner for three reasons: to sell you vitamins, to drug you and take unpleasant snapshots, or to convert you to their hideous farming religion!"
    • "You say sewers, I say waterslide."
    • "Brak! Stop driving your little baby car around Saint Babiesburg and take your asteroid smashing like a man!"
    • "Moustache. No moustache."
    • "You drive around, you run a light...maybe you honk at the ladies and they say (high girly voice) 'Hey, chief! Where'd you get the new ride, ah?' And you say: (ridiculous frat guy voice) 'It's Parko's, maahn. I'm just keepin' it for him while he's in the joint. See ya later, maahn.' Then you drive away, so proud to be a nose-possessing man."
    • (upon seeing giant killer ants) "Holy crap, they DO wear hats!"
    • (comparing himself to a robot) "I may not have seventeen-inch claws, but when I grip you, you know that you've been gripped!"
  • The entirety of the final episode.
  • This dialogue in "Sexy New Brak Show Go"
    Brak: 'Dad can I open the box even though it's not a recognized mealtime? Can I? Can I? Huh? Can I?
    Dad: Ask your mother.
    Brak: Mom, can I open the box?
    Mom: Ask your father.
    Brak: Dad can I open the box?
    Dad: Ask your father.
    Brak: Dad, how about that box?
    Dad: Say it like a princess.
    Brak: (girly voice) Father, may I open the box?
    Dad: No no no, Princess the Cat
    Brak: I don't do her.
    Dad: Then you don't open the box! ... but I love you very much!
  • Brak's little bit in "War Next Door" while dressed in a beet costume
    I'm hot for ya, baby,
    I'm a pickled beat!
    I'm red but not embarrassed,
    And I am good with meat.
    Of course I make an excellent borscht!
    And I'm hot for ya, babaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • The episode "Goldfish" during Brak's mini freakout when he finds out he can't go to the Carnival of Feet right away, complete with loud yelling and exorcist head twisting.
    • Same episode, Don Tickles, Notary Public.
    • Same episode:
      Brak: Don't talk to me mom, I'm a murderer!
      Mom: Oh, dear.
      Brak: I'm going to bed, but I don't see how I'll ever get to sleep!
      Brak: *in bed* Man, I love sleeping! *snore* Oh, I wish I could wake up so I could go back to sleep again! *snore*
    • And again:
      Brak: Mr. Tickles, how do you think Thundercleese is going to take this?
      Mr. Tickles: Oh, my god! He'll tear your arms off!
      Brak: But I love my arms! That's where my hands live!
  • Thundercleese apparently has a lightswitch OF TOTAL DEVASTATION!
  • Brak losing his freaking mind in "Braklet, Prince of Spaceland".
  • To get Brak the okay to join him in seeing Ass Disaster 4, which Zorak hints is a pornographic film, Zorak lies that the film is about donkeys. Cue Zorak's WTF reaction when he finds out the film actually is about donkeys.
  • Any and all songs; particularly those sung by Zorak.

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