Funny / Beast Wars
"That's-a spicy meat-a-ball!"

  • "The Low Road," the entire episode, which includes constant rants between Rattrap and Dinobot:
    Dinobot: Excuse me. Are you implying that the current situation is responsibility?!
    Rattrap: Well, you did start it... gearhead!
    Dinobot: I BEG to differ...cheese lips!
    Rattrap: Pre-evolved birdbrain!
    Dinobot: Eater of garbage!!
    Cheetor: (listening in) Sheesh. And they call me the immature one.

    Dinobot: Wait! I detect a scent! Vile corruption... a whiff of festering putrification!
    Rattrap: So I ate a limburger sandwich for lunch! I'm a rat, gimme a break!
    Dinobot: I've been... uncomfortably aware of your stench for the past hour, vermin. This is something else... something over... THERE!
    (Tarantulas suddenly springs out and legs it)
    Rattrap: Oh yeah! He's mine!
    Dinobot: Leave battle to the warriors, mouse!!!

    Dinobot: Unlike you, I do not spend my time scurrying through sewers!
    Rattrap: Yeah? Well, a sewer smells better than your breath, bronto-brain!
    Dinobot: Nnngrrh! You will get used to it WHEN I BITE YOUR USELESS HEAD OFF!
    (Tarantulas suddenly wakes up)
    Tarantulas: DIIIIE, MAXIMALS!
    Dinobot and Rattrap: SHUT UP!
    (They both punch out Tarantulas)

    Rattrap: So, uh, you got a better plan?
    Dinobot: No, but I still despise the idea of expiring underground. It lacks a...a warrior's nobility.
    Rattrap: Oh, hey-hey, no sweat, heh heh. 'Cause I ain't lettin' nobody waste you down here! That's a job I'm reserving for myself!
    Dinobot: Oooh, I appreciate your concern, but let me assure you, being shot in the back by a malodorous mouse would not exactly earn me a seat in Silicon Valhalla!
    Rattrap: Awwww, poor baby.
    • This is made funnier when you realize that Dinobot and Rattrap have the same voice actor: Scott McNeil.
      • And even funnier when you realize that Scott is capable of switching between the two voices without pause, so the conversations above were all recorded in real time!
    • A bit earlier, after Rattrap and Dinobot fall into the cavern, Tarantulas goes into some Evil Gloating, not realizing there's a giant boulder coming up on him from behind. The boulder smashes him into a cave wall. Rattrap can't help but feel just a bit sorry for him.
    Rattrap: OOH! That's Gotta Hurt!
    • A bit of Lampshade Hanging:
      Blackarachnia: Why do you always talk to yourself?
      Megatron: I simply have a penchant for intelligent conversation.
    • The Predacons set-up an ambush at Tarantulas' lair for the two approaching Maximals. Upon Scorponok warning of their near arrival, Waspinator, Inferno and Terrorsaur immediately open fire at the entrance.
      Megatron: Cease your fire, you fools! Wait for a target!
    • Failed hostage negotiation:
      Dinobot: (holding up Tarantulas) Do not fire, Megatron! I have a hostage!
      Megatron: Why, so you do!
      (Megatron immediately blasts Tarantulas to scrap)
    • The Big Damn Heroes moment, with the rest of the Maximals showing up, triumphant music playing, and Megatron looking furious... is completely ruined when Rattrap nonchalantly walks between Megs's legs to speak to his allies. The look on Meg's face is priceless.
    • And then, to top it off, THE Crowning Moment of Funny for Beast Wars: Rhinox blows Tarantulas' lab with the Preds inside of it with a massive fart that could be seen FROM ORBIT. It can't be described with words, it must be witnessed. Even funnier, everyone else present realized what was coming. the Maximals carefully backed away from Rhinox while the other Predacons discretely sidesteped away form Megatron.
      Megatron: Oh no! Not that! AAAAARRRGH!
      Megatron: ''(Hanging upside-down some time later) This is certainly the most humiliating defeat of my entire career, yeeessss...
  • Every and any time Waspinator is blown up (which is all the time, by the way). Even in the most hilarious ways:
    • One of his funnier woe-is-me lines from the end of "Possession" (just after Starscream's Spark was blasted out of him):
    Waspinator: Waspinator has a headache in his whole body... (Groans further as Megatron jams his head back onto the rest of him)
    • And then of course there's the time the poor bug is crushed into a cube and has to drag himself off to repairs with one arm. Which would be utterly sad without his running commentary (and the fact that Blackarachnia had just passed without even noticing him):
    • Making it even funnier is how everybody else seems to be aware of it in-series!
    Rattrap: I still got my Pred parts collection! You know how many pieces of Waspinator I got? (Probably enough to build a whole robot)
    Waspintor: (Over communicator) She (Una) injuring Waspinator-AIEE! (Una just knocked off one of his legs)
    Megatron: Ah, situation normal then, yeeesssss. Bring her in.
  • Optimus is about to sacrifice himself to save his team and Earth itself. It's quite an emotional moment and one by one, each member of the team offers nobly to go in his stead. All except one...
    Optimus: Well, what about you, Rattrap?
    Rattrap: Hey, suicide ain't in my job description.
    Dinobot: Opportunistic vermin.
  • Rattrap vs. Waspinator in Other Voices, Part 1. Rattrap reminds Waspinator that they have a ceasefire. Waspinator agrees and points out that he's not using any weapons and proceeds to punch Rattrap. Rattrap decides to remind him that he's one of the dirtiest fighters of the Beast Wars, and kicks him in the gearbox, robonoogies him so hard that it produces sparks, then kicks him in Waspinators big... FAT... STRIPEY...
  • Code of Hero, of all episodes, has a moment. As the Transformers wiki puts it: "The rhino has a once-in-a-lifetime lapse in intelligence.":
    Rhinox: "Remember that trans-warp explosion?"
    Optimus: *stares* note 
    Rhinox: "Okay, stupid question."
  • In "Changing of the Guard", Rattrap is tasked with salvaging the AI from their sunken original base in a mini-sub. Not only do we have Cheetor imagining himself playing with it like a cat toy, there's the bit where Rattrap is enjoying being a sub-captain, complete with a jaunty sea tune playing in the background, then we cut to Silverbolt staring at his communicator as the music still plays.
    • In that same episode, Rattrap's submarine gets jolted around several rocks, accompanied by pinball noises, and when it finally comes to a rest, both of Rattrap's eyes are flashing "TILT".
  • "Dark Voyage", where Rhinox, Rattrap, Dinobot, and Cheetor are blinded, and Rhinox is the only one calm when Cheetor is being squeezed to death by a giant snake.
    Dinobot: What's happening? Are we under attack?
    Rhinox: Don't. Panic.
    Dinobot: You won't get me! *runs into a tree*
    • Also from the same episode, one of the few times you ever seen Dinobot completely lose it.
      Dinobot: (after being told to calm down after being blinded, slowly) Calm down...? (Hysterically) WE CAN'T SEE!!!
  • The season 3 episode "Cutting Edge" adds three, count 'em three, Funny Moments. First is when the Preds stand overlooking the Maximals' just-vacated base:
    Megatron: The base is undermanned and unprotected. Ours for the asking.
    Quickstrike: Aw, now we ain't gonna ask, are we? How's about we just blast our way in there, an' slag everybody and TAKE IT?!
    Megatron: Mmm... Okay. (Everyone laughs.)
    • Second is shortly after, when the Predacons blast a hole in the Maximals' front door. Both Inferno and Quickstrike ask to be let in first. Megatron lets Quickstrike do it:
    Inferno: Royalty, why was I not chosen?
    Megatron: Because, Inferno, when expecting booby traps... (Quickstrike gets flattened between a metal plate and a giant boxing glove) ...always send the boob in first.
    • Last is when Optimus Primal has been downed by Tarantulus hitting him with... something... and he's in radio contact with Rattrap as the something kicks in:
    Optimus: Just hang on, Rattrap. You and Rhinox are our last hope. Defend the... Defend the... (Singing) There he is, my little guy. There he is, my little guy. Isn't he cute?
    Rattrap: That's... not what I wanted to hear...
    • Not to mention that Optimus' head grows to twice its normal size when he starts singing.
  • Dinobot fights his clone in "Double Dinobot". So where is it?
    Dinobot: I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame really! He was such a handsome creature... and, quite tasty!
    (Dinobot picks a bit of the evil clone out of his teeth, flicks it at Optimus, then belches loudly. Everyone stares at him for a long moment.)
    Optimus: ...You're disgusting.
  • From "Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2", a quick throw-back to cartoonish exaggeration. Rattrap throws up a decent-sized rock. Numerous Predacon shots later, it comes down a pebble. Rattrap, Cheetor, and Dinobot all do an Eye Pop!
    • Then, Dinobot is forced to ride Rattrap's roadster mode.
    Dinobot: To think that a warrior must become........a rat patrol.
    • In the same episode, Inferno and Megatron smack into each other and land on the ground in a heap. The crash is so hard, it causes their heads to get knocked out of place and swap bodies.
    Megatron: (grumbles; gasps; sees his head's now attached to Inferno's body)
    Inferno: (head is attached to Megatron's body, ridiculing Megatron with trolling laughter)
    Megtron: NGRRR!!! (Punches Inferno in the face with his own fist)
  • Inferno's failed attack in "Deep Metal".
    • Which prompts this little gem in the next scene:
    Waspinator: (having been ordered to retrieve Inferno) Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage! (moans) Oh, why universe hate Waspinator?
  • In "Maximal, No More":
    Megatron: Inferno, aid Quickstrike.
    Inferno: As you command, my Queen. (walks off)
    Dinobot: I was not aware you had given yourself a new title.
  • In "Other Visits, Part 1," after monitoring Tarantulas operating on his own, Megatron attempts to contact him and is ignored.
    Megatron: Again that spider defies me!
    Inferno: Say the word, my Queen, and he shall burn.
    Megatron: Not just yet... and for the last time, stop calling me that!
    Inferno: As you command, my Qu—
    (Megatron strangles Inferno one-handed)
  • "Other Visits, Part 2" has Optimus and Rattrap discussing how to get inside an alien construct Megatron has entered.
    Optimus: We could try knocking.
    Rattrap: Oh sure, like Megs is gonna invite us inside for oil and cookies!
    the door to the construct opens. The two look at it and then back at each other.
    Rattrap: Not that I couldn't use a snack.
  • "Gorilla Warfare" has Optimus and Dinobot doing a biological survey, and they discover a weird plant. Apparently, this plant can not only hear, but get offended, since it spits a barbed seed right where Dinobots arms can't reach it, leading to this:
    Dinobot: Get this thing off of me! I can't reach it! (freaked out) GET IT OFF!!!
    (Optimus removes the pod and drops it, where it blooms into a new plant)
    Optimus: That's how it spreads its seed. See, we've learned something.
    Dinobot: Yeess. From now on, I shoot my dinner salad before I eat it.
    • The fact that a) It didn't occur to Dinobot that he could just transform and knock it off and b) it actually becomes a Chekhov's Gun later, just makes it funnier.
    • Megatron remains in beast mode for the entirety of the episode. It's never explained why but it's amusing to watch him scheme with his tiny dinosaur arms.
  • In "Law of the Jungle," Waspinator remains oddly insistent on waiting for the proper signal before attacking Maximals (or, alternatively, decides to troll Terrorsaur):
    Terrorsaur: Do something!
    Waspinator: (sing-song tone) Terrorsaur has not given signal~.
    Terrorsaur: ATTACK, YOU IMBECILE!
    Waspinator: (calmly) Waspinator will engage enemy.
  • In "Victory," the Predacons are hiding out in very close quarters, and it's clearly starting to get on their nerves:
    Terrorsaur: Stop slobbering on me, Tarantulas!
    Tarantulas: I am feasting!
    Waspinator: Give Waspinator more room! Tarantulas fat enough already!
    Tarantulas: If Waspinator does not stop cuddling me like a stuffed toy when he sleeps, I'll eat him as well!
    Waspinator: Hrmm, like to see you try!
    Tarantulas: Yes, I will!
    Waspinator: No, you won't!
    Tarantulas: I will so!
    Terrorsaur: You all make me sick! I can't stand this any longer, Megatron! I've gotta get out!
    (Terrorsaur hops around and cackles crazily until Scorponok casually punches him)
    Scorponok: We wouldn't be here if you hadn't tripped over that spy-cable!
    Megatron: You are correct, Scorponok. But thanks to Terrorsaur's inadvertent discovery of our enemies' spy-camera, we were able to pull this little deception. Yesss... we have only to wait until they repair their ship, and then attack, while their guard is down. With the Maximal ship in our possession, we will be able to recover the orbiting stasis pods, containing Maximals eager to become Predacons. So no one leaves!
    Terrorsaur: Leaving? Who said anything about leaving?
  • Waspinator quits the Predacons.
  • In "A Better Mousetrap", Rattrap is negotiating booby-trapped corridors and finds it too easy.
    Rattrap: This ain't a security grid. It's a gym, just for spy guys like me.
    • When coming upon zero-friction fluid, he surfs it. Then when he gets shot at, he dodges it like an exercise routine.
    Rattrap: A one and two and stretch! Now bend! Now lift! Feel the burn!
  • From "Other Victories," Megatron puts Quickstrike on trial for betraying him (see the notes on the previous episode, "Blaster Master"). Not only do we get to see Megatron wearing a judge's wig, Inferno as the court reporter, and Rampage and Dinobot II as bailiffs, but we get to see Waspinator, as Quickstrike's defense attorney, say that he is perfectly fine with his client being executed. See it here.
  • The season 1 episode "Dark Designs" has Megatron capturing Rhinox and turning him to evil. He's not Brainwashed and Crazy so much as Brainwashed With an A in Evil. Having Rhinox on their side becomes more of a detriment than a bonus, as he proceeds to thrash his way through the Predacons. His Deadpan Snarker mannerisms combined with an almost murderous degree of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder give way to some fun exchanges, mostly at the Predacons' expense. For instance:
    • After Rhinox squishes Scorponok under a pile of crates, Megatron and Waspinator later discover Scorponok underneath next to a ruined console (both sabotaged by Rhinox), and Megatron pokes at his inert form with his tail-blade like a child with a stick.
    Megatron: Idiot! What have you done?
    Waspinator: Hmm...Idiot does not respond! Idiot is comatose!
    • Afterwards, Rhinox plasters Waspinator with another crate, leading to Waspinator believing he's the Insecticon Shrapnel, right down to picking up Shrapnel's Verbal Tic and forgetting his own. Blackarachnia's opinion on the matter only encourages Waspinator's bizarre antics.
    Blackarachia: He's wacko.
    Waspinator: Wacko? NO! Wonko! Wonko the Sane!
    ** Blink and you miss it, but Waspinator actually cops a feel on Blackarachnia. Megatron Face Palms, Waspinator waves to the audience then starts punching himself in the head, and then both Megatron and Blackarachia stare bemusedly at whatever Waspinator was waving at.
    • And yet again, when Megatron turns around to find another couple of his minions have been incapacitated, he finally throws his hands up in frustration.
    Megatron: These spiders have been...poisoned! ...WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE?!
    * Cut to a view of the outside of the Darksyde. We can still hear Megatron.*
  • In "Coming of the Fuzors Part 2." Megatron barks his orders to his team of Predacons to destroy the Maximals, asking (rhetorically) if there are any questions. When Quickstrike answers, he barely gets a word out before he is grabbed by the throat by Megatron who impatiently asks what the question is. Quickstrike asks if they have to be quick in disposing of the Maximals, and if he can't make them suffer a bit before finishing them off. Amused, Megatron releases Quickstrike, stating that he likes him but that business comes before pleasure.
  • Dinobot's funeral speeches.
    • In "A Better Mouse Trap" when the maximals believe Rattrap was destroyed by Sentinel, and they each say a few words about him.
    Dinobot: I won't disgrace his memory with lies. He was a stinking omnivorous pestilence! Still, in some perverse way, I will miss him.
    • In "Fallen Comrades" when Optimus is shot down.
    Dinobot: Fear not Optimus, I will ensure your funeral is a glorious one as befits a warrior who died in battle!
    Optimus: Afraid I'll have to miss it Dinobot, I'm not scrap yet.
    Dinobot: Hmm, are you certain? It would be a triumphant passage.
  • "Power Surge": Being this series's version of The Starscream (next to Tarantulas), Terrorsaur manages to enact a very rare and unprecedented Curbstomp Battle on Megatron after tapping a giant natural formation of Energon. Megatron is summarily blown to bits. At the end of the episode, this Energon nest egg has been blown up by Rattrap and the Predacons have ultimately refused Terrorsaur's leadership in favor of restoring Megatron. Terrorsaur comes back to the Darksyde thinking he'll still be in charge, only for the single worst karmic rebuttal to occur from a fully repaired and very pissed off Megatron:
    Megatron: Well, well... Look... who's... BACK. (gives him a scorching Death Glare)
    Terrorsaur: (tiny voice) Help! (jaw drops, goes white with shock)
  • Megatron actually does this twice. The second time (in "Master Blaster"), Tarantulas and Quickstrike double-cross Megatron and leaves him to melt in a magma pool. Unfortunately, Megatron had just co-opted the spark of his namesake ancestor. Megatron not only survives, the sparks morph him from a T-Rex into a frickin' dragon!
    Tarantulas: By the live!
    Megatron: I am not so easily destroyed...and, thanks to your treachery, my power is greater than ever! Let me...thank you.
    (Converts to Beast Mode and starts roasting Tarantulas and then casually knocks him into the magma.)
    Megatron: I can suffer your treachery, lieutenant, but not your incompetence! Treachery requires no mistakes.
    (Tarantulas pulls himself out of the lava, charred to a crisp and dazed, before collapsing in a heap.)
    Tarantulas: Yessss Megatron...nooooo mistakes...
    • In the very next episode, he's putting Quickstrike on trial to antagonize him further with his punishment, preceding over the case with a powdered wig.
      • Better still: Quickstrike's defense attorney is Waspinator, who is all for letting his client get slagged.
  • During "Fallen Comrades," Dinobot activates the automated defenses right in front of Tarantulas and Scorponok, who remain perfectly still until Tarantulas slowly takes a single step. And gets blasted by both turrets for his efforts. This causes Scorponok to quiver in fear, causing him to get blasted as well.
  • During Feral Scream, at one point, Megatron has Depth Charge caught, and an unseen entity (presumably the now-feral Transmetal-II Cheetor) slams into him, causing Megatron to fall over. He then pulls a Tasmanian Devil and begins doing a Tornado Move, untill he eventually falls right off the same cliff Dinobot II was knocked off earlier. He then lets out this gem, punctuated even more by a few lame notes of Taps;
    *Dinobot II slowly looks up at Megatron, who has landed beside him*
    Megatron: Re....treat...urgh...
    *Megatron and Dinobot II both collapse*
    • It's rare to see Megatron in a real, honest panic. But when he's so edgy that he blasts at anything that moves (in this case, Waspinator by mistake), you know he's losing it in a funny way.
  • In The Agenda, Silverbolt's superb mental gymnastics as he tries to convince Blackarachnia that she is not evil:
    Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, I want you to return with me, to the Maximals.
    Blackarachnia: Get a clue, you canine cretin! I'm a Predacon! I'm evil! I'll shoot you...
    Silverbolt: No. My heart tell me that you will not.
    Blackarachnia: Oh yeah? *shoots him in the leg*
    Silverbolt: *shocked* You...SHOT me!
    Blackarachnia: No duh, Dog-Boy! I'm evil!! Now do you believe me?
    Silverbolt: And ensured the wound would not be mortal. Your inner Maximal goodness prevented-
    Blackarachnia: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UUUUUUUUPPP!!!
  • Megatron has captured Rhinox and turned him into a Predacon. The Maximals all want to go save him... except Optimus, who displays an excellent imitation of his nemesis' catchphrase...
    Optimus: I think Megatron has bitten off more than he can chew, yesss...
  • This is more from the Madman DVD commentaries, but apparently the Mainframe crew went the entire production, and the 100+ test views, of Code of Hero, of all episodes, without noticing that they were using the wrong Rattrap model at Dinobot's funeral scene. Bob Forward himself could not believe that they didn't notice that they had used the wrong Rattrap, but every fan did.