Funny: Alice in Chains

  • What's the first thing that Jerry Cantrell said to William Duvall? "Nice hair."
  • From "Real Thing:" "Sexual chocolate, baby!"
  • When the band played "Sludge Factory" on MTV Unplugged, they screw up. Layne Staley: "Fuck!"
  • The chorus to "Nothin' Song:" "Well, the nothin' song sticks to your mouth / like peanut butter on the brain / Ayeeee-eeeeeee / Nothing ever stays the same."
  • "I wish I could just hug you all, but I'm not gonna." says Layne Staley after their unplugged performance of "The Killer is Me."
  • The band's 1993 Headbangers Ball episode, full stop.
  • Footage of the band cutting up on their Music Bank DVD is frequently hilarious; one such instance is Layne singing "Bleed the Freak" like a lounge singer.
  • Their early Hair Metal material.
  • The entirety of the hidden track "Love Song" on their Sap EP. "Kiss the midget."
  • Tom Araya from Slayer on the hidden track "Iron Gland" from Dirt: "I am IROOOOOON GLAAAAAND!!!"