Fridge / Recess

Fridge Brilliance

  • Miss Finster has a raspy voice because she smokes, or used to.
  • Spinelli's size changes as the series goes on. She's the shortest at times, but at the end of the series she's TJ's height. This is due to a growth spurt.
  • A lot of one time characters disappear without an explanation while some leave at the end of an episode. It's possible Gelman the Bully scared them away, like he did to the kid at the beginning of "Gus' Last Stand."
  • Ashley, Tyler, and Britney/Brittany are all very common names; it would make sense that there would be more than one in the school. The Parents' Night episode implies that the Ashleys' mothers are all friends so it could make sense they'd all give their kids the same names.
  • In "Speedy We Hardly Knew Ye", Miss Grotke knows full well that Speedy has died and is trying to use the 'meditation' excuse to buy some time for her to replace Speedy with a new hamster.
  • There's a background character named Phil (he's the one in the scout uniform, red curly hair, buckteeth) who is in a few episodes. He's part of the Woodchuck Scouts, which is meaningful for his character design considering he has buckteeth.
  • In the episode "The Challenge" at Fifth Street Elementary (Where Prickley's brother's the principal) he meet the gang's doppelgangers at the school. In the episode after it, "Dance Lessons," Spinelli does ballet and meets some doppelgangers of the Ashleys named the Megans. Even though we don't see them in the previous episode, it's safe to assume they attend Fifth Street.
  • Miss Finster's heart-to-heart with Spinelli in "That Sinking Feeling" comes after the events of "The Trial". Finster remembers Spinelli helping her cat out of the tree and wants to make her feel better when she sees her looking depressed.
  • The entire school changing their names to Ashley in "First Name Ashley". Ashley Q protests "you're not even girls!" - Ashley is a boy's name in the UK, and (while uncommon) in the US too.
  • Hypnosis cannot force people to do things against their will. Thus in the episode "The Hypnotist", when Principal Prickly is hypnotized into thinking hey's a six-year-old, it reveals a subconscious desire to want to be a kid.
  • "The Library Kid" has this gem from Gretchen: "Drive her into the existentialists! There's No Exit!"
  • in one episode where Gus was designated King Bob's substitute, his first act as king involved him settling a conflict that he solved by floundering through and ultimately botching Judgement Of Solomon, this perfectly foreshadowed his brief reign becoming tyrannical and ultimately self destructive.
  • In "The Shiner", King Bob lavished T.J. with praise for supposedly quelling a Kindergarden uprising. In a previous episode, "To Finster With Love", just such an uprising temporarily drove him off of his throne.
  • Mikey's huge size and Big Eater tendencies aren't just a funny contrast to his gentle, sensitive personality, but actually fit with it. First of all, highly sensitive people are often prone to emotional eating and weight problems. Secondly, it makes sense that a poetic personality like his should relish all sensual pleasures, including food.

Fridge Logic

  • Both Mikey and Randall have deeper voices as Kindergartners than they do as 4th Graders in older episodes. Obviously, it's because Recess: All Grown Down was made at the end of the series, after the voice actors' voices changed, but that still makes one wonder why they didn't have someone else fill in the role.
  • If Gus looks cool without his glasses, why doesn't he get contacts instead? He'd be able to see and people would like him.
    • Most parents don't allow their children to wear contacts until they're around fourteen or fifteen.
  • If everyone got sick from eating the tacos in "The Omega Kids" why didn't they just cancel school?
    • They would probably have to wait until the end of the day to see if any children who didn't get sick showed up. The gang showed up so school was back on.
  • In Recess: School's Out the school is closed for the summer, hence why Phillium Benedict uses it to perform his experiment on getting rid of recess. Where do kids who have summer school go?
    • Possibly the kids who had summer school went to a different school for that, if they even hold summer school at all. Many districts just send all the summer school kids to one school.
    • Wouldn't there at least be custodians working throughout the summer?
  • In some episodes the Ashley's are shown to be in Miss Grotke's class("Gus Fortune") while in other episodes they are in another class("The Great Can Drive").
  • In "Hustler's Apprentice" Hustler Kid does not want Gus to sell counterfeit passes because they might get a kid in trouble, which would make sense, but in "First Name Ashley" Hustler Kid had no problem selling kids fake I.D.s and Social Security Cards, which could just as easily get kids in trouble, if anything fake I.D.s would get a kid in FAR more serious trouble then a fake hall pass, so when you remember that, Hustler Kid unintentionally comes off as a hypocrite.
  • The Christmas Episode takes place after "The Voice," complete with references and a flashback. Yet Mikey's singing performance in "The Voice" is at the Spring Fling assembly. A typical school semester runs from September to June Christmas obviously never comes after spring. So if the whole series takes place while the main cast is in fourth grade, how can Mikey have sung at the Spring Fling before singing at the Christmas pageant?

Fridge Horror

  • Dr. Slicer, his treatment of his students and his Nazi-like behaviour raises few uncomfortable questions: 1) Considering his personality, cruelty and his methods what knows what could have happened if Slicer would have taken over Third Street School and remember that he made TJ (who always stands up to adults and rebels against their evil behaviour and students are always win because of him) afraid and unable to rebel, 2) What if he was the principal of the other schools and what could have happened in those schools, 3) Considering his Nazi-like behaviour, he may be worshipping Nazis and Hitler.
  • In The Movie, Benedict's plan to destroy Summer is bad enough from a kid's point of view, but then you look at it as an adult and realize that he was effectively trying to restart the Ice Age, which would almost certainly destroy civilization, if not humanity in general. All for the sake of test scores.
  • Considering Gus's dad is in the military, he's more than likely going to move away from Third Street at some point and leave the best friends he's ever had, like he's had to several times before.
  • In "Recess is Cancelled" TJ refuses to do anything about the governments plan to cancel recess on the grounds that it's unpatriotic and that's the one thing he'd never do. So basically TJ would never fight or go against the US government, no matter how wrong he thought they were, because of his blind loyalty to his country. Let's hope he grows out of that mentality.
  • The Reveal at the end of "The Trial" is much more disturbing from an adult perspective than from a kid's. Randall hit himself on the head with a rock to frame Spinelli for throwing it at him, just because he was jealous that Miss Finster praised her. It's only dumb luck that he didn't seriously injure or even kill himself. That boy needs therapy!