Tear Jerker / Recess


  • This piece of Fridge Logic (Or Fridge Horror): Because Gus has to move from town-to-town all the time (his dad's in the military), he's eventually going to leave the town the show is set in, and leave the best friends he's had in his life. It's heartbreaking when you think about it.
  • Although they're (usually) antagonists, Ashley A. getting kicked out of the Ashleys in "Outcast Ashley" is sad in a way. These girls have been friends since preschool, and were kicking out their best friend just for forgetting to wear purple on the anniversary of the day they met. She might've done some bad things in the past (And in future episodes, as this was one of the early season two episodes), but you can't help but feel sorta bad for Ashley A. The part where they rip her 'A' necklace off and stomp on it, and then tear the head off her teddybear backpack is especially harsh.
  • "Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye". The gang return after the weekend to see that the class hamster, Speedy, has died, and get all the kids to have a funeral for Speedy. Later, the high school football team, the bus driver, and even the mayor arrive at the funeral, because they also had Speedy as their class pet. It's then revealed that every time Speedy dies, he (and in some cases, she) is replaced with a new hamster without anyone knowing. Everyone's upset because they realize that the Speedy who just died wasn't the Speedy they remember, so T.J. gives them a speech on how it doesn't matter which Speedy belonged to who; it was that Speedy was always a great friend to them.
  • Gelman's bullying towards Gus in "Gus's Last Stand". Especially hard for someone who's been bullied heavily.
  • Spinelli getting bullied endlessly in "Mama's Girl" after accidentally calling Miss Grotke "mama". It starts out somewhat humorous, but it gets to the point where she's afraid to go to school because of the bullying.
    • And Miss Grotke's speech about how bullying can really hurt someone, though the tears that flow will be of the "Amen to that" variety (if such a thing exists).
  • In "More Like Gretchen", after Spinelli's parents compare Spinelli to Gretchen, Spinelli is so upset that the next day after Gretchen came over her house, she tells Gretchen that she doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. And Gretchen didn't even know what she was doing wrong—she was just being herself.
  • In "Weekend at Muriel's", we have Ms. Finster's reaction to overhearing Spinelli call her "boring".
    Ms. Finster (looking at a picture of herself in her youth) Is it true, Muriel? Have you really gotten...boring?
  • Just the thought of what would have happened had the gang been split up after the breaking of that statue in "Biggest Trouble Ever". Spinelli and Vince would have let their more negative traits get the best of them without TJ to balance them out, Gretchen would have skipped out elementary, middle and maybe even high school and had no friends and Mikey and Gus might not even have survived until high school. Only TJ would have made it out okay... and that's almost worse!
  • The way Ms. Finster reacts to Principal Prickly's promotion in "Prickly is Leaving" is very sad to watch. Especially when she tells the main six that she refuses to do anything that might disuade him from leaving because she cares about him and wants him to be happy.
  • When Principal Prickly is hypnotized to believe he's a kid in "The Hypnotist", the other kids have fun with this at first, but then gently break it to him that he's not a kid. He doesn't take it well.
  • Mikey discovering that Ms. Salimony is engaged in "The Voice" after developing feelings toward her is very sad to watch. The poor kid almost gave up singing after this.
    • At the end of the episode he sings "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen" while gazing longingly at Ms. Salimony. It's hard to watch the scene without shedding a tear.
  • "Pharaoh Bob" is this when you think about it. King Bob becomes a bit shaken at the fact he'll be forgotten after he stops being King of the Playground so he forces the students to build a pyramid (and becoming a jerk in the process). After said pyramid is destroyed by the rain (due to it being made out of mud and not stone), he's confronted by Gretchen and laments how he simply wants to be remembered and not forgotten.