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The Gang are reincarnations of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
Think about it: A group of fire forged friends who resist the tyranny of authority and stand up for the oppressed?

Going by the most modern BBC Series of Robin Hood - though other versions work too - the characters fit like this: T.J is Robin, (charismatic hero with a strong sense of justice). Spinelli is Maid Marian,(spunky action girl). Mikey is Little John,(Gentle Giant/Team Dad). Gus is Much,(awkward side kick). Gretchen is Djac,(resident scientist and smart girl). Vince is Will Scarlet (the Quiet One) or possibly Allan(the snarky one).
  • Going further Principal Prickly is Prince John (the distant, evil overlord), Miss Finster is the Sheriff (hands on overseer) and Randall is Guy of Gisborne (the Sheriff's lackey, who has moments of empathy with the gang).

TJ will become King in Sixth Grade but he'll try to give up the throne.
As previously stated TJ becoming King is almost inevitable, given that he's Prankster Prince, King Bob respects him and he already acts as a leader to kids of the playground. However in a twist he'll find the throne incredibly lonely and boring. (Seriously, can you imagine TJ being happy when he's always carried around on a sedan chair and never allowed to leave the jungle gym?)

So he finds it fun at first but realizes he's too much of an ordinary kid to remain withdrawn from society. He also cares enough about his friends that he doesn't just want to be their boss so he'll try and give up the throne. However the rest of the Recess gang convince him to stay because he's a good King and instead share the burden with him and form a government. Spinelli will be Minister of Defence, Mikey of Culture, Gretchen of Finance/Science, Vince of Sport/Transport and Gus Minister of whatever is left over. Thus TJ is no longer lonely and the playground will be ushered into the first age of democracy!

TJ grows up to become the leader of the Tea party as we know it today.
Remember TJ? Remember the patriotic flame he always had burning within him? TJ loves his country. When he was a kid, he always stood up against anything in his school that took away Freedom and Liberty, such as King Bob forcing them to build a pyramid for him. TJ, however, grew up and realized that the America he once loved was being corrupted by "liberal hippie commies" and "money-guzzled war mongers". None of the political groups of the day stood for what America is really about. TJ decided to do something about it. He heard about Ron Paul's "Tea Party", went to a few meetings, and then he completely hijacked the entire movement.
  • Considering that his teachers (Ms. Grohke in particular) could possibly be considered the "liberal hippie commies", he could just as easily fall into the Occupy Wall Street crowd and become a leader in this group for many of the same reasons (The kid has charisma).
    • It's possible he supports both and created his own movement taking the best of both worlds, making it similar to Ron Paul's Liberty Movement.

Spinelli will grow up to join the Mafia.
Her name sounds Italian and she loves to kick butt. It's probably already in her blood anyway. She'll probably be made an official member of the Family when she comes of age.
  • And the man once known as Hustler Kid will provide her tommy gun and ammo.
  • Unlikely, her parents are CIA (or at least her dad is) she'll likely follow in his footsteps.
  • Women can't join the Sicilian Mafia.

Spinelli will be CIA when she grows up
  • as stated above, her father is CIA and she's one tough chick. It would make sense for her to follow her father's footsteps.

Combining the two theories above...
Spinelli will join the FBI and infiltrate the mob.

Miss Finster either smokes, or is a former smoker.
That explains her voice. Many Elementary and Junior High teachers in Real Life smoke cigarettes to deal with stress.

The series is told from the point of view of TJ, and possibly the rest of the grade once they are grown up (probably to their kids).
I'm surprised this one hasn't come up yet. It explains all the inconsistencies, like why recess can go on for hours in some episodes, how adults can entirely change perspectives like Principal Prickly being all for getting rid of recess in the documentary episode and then being all for recess in the summer episode, and why some truly insane things happen. Every time an episode lets something really insane stand like the teacher's lounge or TJ riding on top of the bus, it's because they either still believed that when they were kids, or it's what they told their own kids happened. What school do you know of that has a secret police? Or would let the children do something like build a chocolate monument or a pyramid? Some episodes weren't exaggerated memories, like when TJ went to Menlo's birthday party, but a lot of it is.
  • And yes, this does mean that someone actually had this childhood, even if it was slightly more realistic. Jealous?

TJ will be king in grade 6
  • think about it, he's got leadership skills. And he was prankster prince, just like King Bob was before he became king. It's obvious, TJ is on his way to Kingship.
    • This is very likely. But then again, TJ has gone a little crazy when he basically monopolized the entire playground when he became rich with monstickers.
    • On the other hand, he's normally good about controlling power; like blotting his title of 'Prankster Prince' to save playground order and stopping King Bob from going too far with his pyramid building. He has his moments, but in general TJ is pretty humble when it comes to being in charge and whatnot.
    • Besides it seems all kids can become corrupt: Spinelli wanting to rule the world, Gus latching onto anything that makes him popular and/or important, Vince suffering from his ego, Freddie losing it when he becomes King in 'Taking the Fifth Grade' and even King Bob himself is known for abusing his position. Compared to them TJ can manage power more easily, so he's the best option.

Spinelli will grow up to be a six-foot tall bodybuilder named Moe
  • Follow your dreams, kids.
  • One problem: Galileo said she would be under 6ft.

TJ grows up to become 90's Kid from Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • Their outfits are nearly identical and both of them are children of the 90's.

Vince grows up to be Troy from Community
Respect for geeks, ultimately irrelevant athletic ability and a competitive streak.

Ashley A. will become Queen of the Playground in Sixth Grade.
She's popular enough and TJ probably wouldn't want to be in a position of power that limits his fun like that. Plus, Ashley A always has Ashley B, Q and T to be her loyal right-hand gals.

Menlo will be the Playground king in sixth grade.
TJ would likely be the rightful king, but TJ and most of his friends would probably like to play at recess. Menlo was one of TJ's good friends in the past and TJ still appears to care about his friendship in Some Friend, and already devotes his time to enforcing pointless rules instead of playing willingly. Also, Menlo is one of the few kids in TJ's grade who doesn't seem to be corrupted by power or default abusing their power. Menlo does believe too much in order (hinted to be with good reason) but since he is not malicious will likely learn to put up with kids having fun and come to learn like King Bob that sometimes rules can be broken.

King Bob is somehow related to Bob Pataki.
Because reasons. Unibrow, name, being king, kind of an asshole.

Recess takes place in the same universe as Doug
The two premises are similar enough. The animation styles and character designs are somewhat similar, and going by the theory that Bluffington is polluted in the Doug WMG page, that's why everyone on Recess is normal looking.

The show takes place in the Saints Row district of Stillwater.
Years after Recess ended, Third street school closed down and/or was destroyed, which is why it isn't in the game. after the school closed, the neighborhood went to hell.

Spinelli was right about the Wrestling Tickets being a Trap...
First when she gets the Tickets the Ashleys insulted her and ran away... making Spinelli distrust them.

Second when Gretchen was invited into their Clubhouse she notices a Book that's only for "Ashley Eyes"... every time we could see the Ashleys Clubhouse from the Inside we never saw such a Book and if we assume that they only put it out when they need it why didn't they put it back where it normaly is?

Third Galileo can break in into the Ashleys Clubhouse with ease, but when the Doors closed again and trapped the Gang (minus Mikey and Gus) he is glad, that he is fully charged, meaning that opening the Doors from the inside is much more difficult

So the Ashleys planned to use Spinellis distrust against her and trapped her into their Clubhouse making her miss all the Matches... and since in Spinellis POV it's her fault for not trusting them they got away scot free.

Gretchen is Peter and Judy Shepherd's long lost cousin...

Peter has the same voice as her!?