Radar / Recess

  • The episode "The Story of Whomps" is about T.J. inventing a substitute swear word ("whomps") so he wouldn't have to use a real bad word (which led to the school board thinking it was an actual swear until the head of the school board agreed with T.J. that it was just a substitute swear word and that anyone who thinks it's obscene has a dirty mind).
  • Open on Miss Grotke at the end of a lecture: "And that is what is meant by 'The Birds and the Bees'."
  • "Parents' Night": The faux Spinellis (a biker couple that Spinelli hired to pose as her parents) ask Ms. Grotke for "brews".
  • "To Finster With Love" has Finster and the janitor, Hank, hook up. One of the shots in their Falling in Love Montage involves Finster laughing happily while riding around on a vibrating floor buffer.
    • While minor compared to most examples, there was also a fairly long cut of Finster starring at Hank's visible butt crack.
  • From "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff":
    Spinelli: Last one on Ole' Rusty has to give Ms. Finster a sponge bath!
    Randall: Hey, that's my job!
    • Here's another one from the same episode
    T.J.: Ol' Rusty was here when my big brother was in school!
    Spinelli: Ol' Rusty was here when my mom was in school!
    Mikey: Heck, Ol' Rusty was here when my great-uncle Mary was in school!
    Vince: Your uncle Mary?
    Gretchen: Don't ask.
    • So either Mikey's great-uncle was a male-to-female transsexual or he was given a girl's name and (for reasons unknown) decided not to change it.
      • This can also double as a Shout-Out to The Dark Is Rising - "Over Sea Under Stone" begins with the kids visiting their Great-Uncle Merry.
  • Principal Prickly's brother, a principal at another school, boasts a much larger flagpole in front of his school.
    Prickly: "Oh, that's just unseemly!
  • In "The Fuss Over Finster" when Miss Finster is being wheeled into an ambulance on a gurney, she is yelling at T.J. to "get those terrible thoughts" out of his head.
  • In the movie, after Mrs. Detweiller freaks out about T.J. accidentally running into the sliding glass door, she tells him to wait while she leaves to get "the baby thermometer and the petroleum jelly". If you find her choice of words baffling: petroleum jelly is used as a lubricant for rectal thermometers.
  • "First Name Ashley" contains an obvious Shout-Out to A Clockwork Orange, a movie notorious for its depictions of extreme violence (both sexual and non-sexual) and premiered with an X rating (which, back in the early 1970s, was the equivalent of the modern-day R and NC-17 rating and was not associated with pornography, even though most movies rated X in the late 1960s into the 1970s did have sexual content that was too strong for the PG ratingnote ).