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Fridge: Black Butler
aka: Kuroshitsuji
Fridge Brilliance
  • Elizabeth's mother Frances knows that Ciel will protect Elizabeth at all costs, but she also relizes that Ciel is not all that skilled in combat. Why was she so sure of her daughter's survival? Because her daughter is just as skilled in swordsmanship as the rest of her family and thereby is perfectly capable of handling herself.
    • Also, the fact that Lizzie hid her Lady of War side due to fearing he'd see her as "uncute" or "brash" ? Makes more sense when you recall this is Victorian Britain, thus a female who didn't behave like a Proper Lady would be more often than not ostrasized by others, if not thrown into an asylum. While it's unlikely that the Middlefords would let her be locked away, she would still be looked down something fierce by others.
  • Ciel and Lizzie have always been perfect foils to each other, both before and after the reveal that Lizzie is an excellent swordswoman since her introduction shows how utterly spoiled and childish she was despite being a year older than Ciel because she is a normal nobel child while he is more reserved and mature as a result of his past trauma and his new responsibilites as a nobel. Bonus points since while acting much younger than she is made Lizzie an little more than an annoying child to Ciel and the audience out of universe, Ciel is seen the same way by some of the people he works with in universe because he keeps acting much older than he really is. After the reveal she is the gifted swordswoman driven by love to act as something she isn't for the sake of her future with Ciel, while he is a young chessmaster driven by hate to try and avenge his family while giving up his future in the process.

Fridge Horror
  • Fridge Horror: Sebastian's weapon of choice for killing lots and lots of people? The silverware. What does Ciel and his guests eat off of? That same silverware.
    • I'd presume Sebastian cleans it after killing people with it.
  • Black Butler has plenty of Fridge Horror, considering the whole series is devoted to tortured little boys summoning demons for revenge.
    • The most notable happens in the second season, considering Alois' whole life is a bit of Fridge Horror. After his little brother and entire village are killed, this already slightly off boy (who laughed cheerfully as he robbed the dead) begins living as a true city street rat. Knowing how things like that work out, and especially after seeing his reactions to things later on, it's quite obvious that this young boy solicited himself for food or shelter before he even hit a double digit age.
      • Think about this: Jim is only around 11 when he goes to Earl Trancy's manor. There, he living with a bunch of boys in the same condition, being bathed and treated like cattle, all while being a sex slave to an old man. At the age of 11. It's quite obvious even then he is not a virgin, as he dolls up and puts on a beautiful red robe, seducing the old man expertly until the guy's kissing his feet. He even becomes the favorite boy, taking place for the man's son who vanished as a baby - the real Alois Trancy - which allows him to take the name Alois after Claude kills the Earl.
    • It's also quite likely that Arnold Trancy knew of his brother's "hobby", and said nothing of it, whether he himself has the same interests. After all, Arnold seems to be pretty sure that Alois isn't the real Alois, and not just because he's a greedy bastard. Maybe he'd be able to somehow prove this, if only he didn't have to hide that his brother was a pedophile with a harem of young boys in the basement before his death...
    • Alois is often seen abusing poor Hannah the maid during the series. This becomes a little more of a Fridge Tear Jerker (depending on how sappy you are) when you realize that the whole time this abuse is happening, Luka - Alois/Jim's beloved little brother - is living inside Hannah as a soul. Hannah says that Luka is "sleeping", but there can still be questioning on how aware Luka is of what's happening.
    • Finny's vague past as a whole. Scientific experimentation back then was horrible enough on animals. Now imagine it being done to a cute, innocent child. And if anyone's familiar with some of the newer SyFy movies with the same theme of experimentation, there are other terrible tests involved...
    • In episode 8, after Claude so cruelly kills Alois and leaves his body in the woods, a rather tattered and beaten Hannah - whom we just learned is a demon - emerges from the woods, and lays over Alois' body. She calls him her master affectionately, and puts her lips to his eyes, and glowing occurs. At first, many fans believed her to be apologizing to him or mourning, bringing him back to life, or turning him into a demon. Not so. She ate his eye, and kept it in her throat until episode 11. She uses it to scare the hell out of Ciel, allowing Alois' soul to take over. And then, it replaces the eye that Alois gouged out of her. Lovely.
    • Speaking of eyes, we realize one reason the contract mark might be on Ciel's eye during the manga's circus arc. Right before Ciel summons Sebastian for the first time while in the cult, a member stabs him in the eye. You have to look close to realize that's what he stabbed, but, indeed it is. Perhaps putting the mark there also regenerates the missing part, as well as provides for better tracking?
      • If this is so, and also applies to the anime, by the end of Black Butler II Ciel Phantomhive has 'died' around three times.
  • In season 1, episode 17, when Angela kidnaps Ciel, she uses a cinematic record as a weapon. Grell takes her scissors and proceeds to destroy said cinematic record. Somewhere in the world, someone is suddenly dying or becoming crazy and nobody knows why.
  • In episode 12 of Black Butler II, Sebastian is to be Ciel's butler forever. If eternal servitude wasn't enough, think about this: Sebastian will be starving the whole time. A demon cannot consume another demon's soul, and Sebastian is unable to make a contract with another mortal due to being eternally bound to Ciel. The only way he will be able to eat again is by breaking the demons' aesthetic, unless that code is magically binding, in which case, Sebastian is royally screwed.
    • In both the manga and the anime, though, it's mentioned that demons can consume the souls of those to whom they are not contracted. Contracted souls are just, well, tastier. So Sebastian could eat other souls if he was in danger of starvation.

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