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Headscratchers: Black Butler
  • I've seen it mentioned a few times that Ciel is portrayed more sympathetically in the manga than in the anime. Could I get some specifics? I haven't noticed any of this, but I've only just finished marathoning them both so I might've missed something.
    • Honestly, I would disagree and assume that this is just fanwank. I think that if you look at the first few volumes that the anime, erm...adapts, he's more sympathetic in the anime, simply because he gets more speeches and doesn't do anything too heartless. Since the manga is ongoing, it naturally allows for more development and angst. However, progressing through the manga, he commits some pretty heinous acts, to the point that a lot of fans who see past his charm have a hard time agreeing with and sympathizing with him. I know I do. I think saying stuff like that is just a way to get people to read the manga, to be frank.
  • Why is it that Bard doesn't use a formal title when referring to Sebastian (in Chapter 52, he addresses him by merely saying "Hey Sebastian!"), but Finny and Meyrin refer to him as "Mr. Sebastian?" In Chapter 94, Finny even seems a bit flustered, as if he's done something wrong when he doesn't use a formal title in reference to Sebastian.
    • Just a guess here, but it could possibly be a reference to the fact that Bard is American, not English, and therefore isn't as immersed in class culture as the rest of the household.
  • The sex scene with Beast. He's doing it with her to get information on her father figure. And is doing the deed with her WHILE having a nice little conversation about her father figure. Wait, what?
    • Don't forget that Beast also is in (unrequited) love with her elder/eldest brother figure. So it's probably par for the course for Beast...
  • Why doesn't anyone notice that Ciel Phantomhive's butler looks a lot like the late Earl Phantomhive (Ciel's dad)?
    • Either Ciel or Sebastian actually did this on purpose; his looks were formed from his father, and he was named after his beloved dog. Both had died.
      • I think what the OP meant was why don't any of the characters notice that he looks like Vincent (instead of the fandom, since most of them have noticed by now), which is actually a good question, since it has indeed already been mentioned that Ciel chose to have Sebastian look like Vincent.
    • The only answer I can come up with is that the characters in the show/manga are somehow aware of the trope Identical Stranger and decide to go with it. Though even then it doesn't make all that much sense.
    • One of the more sensible explanations this troper has seen is that since the resemblance is so close, people who do notice it might think that Sebastian is an illegitimate child of Vincent's, and that either Vincent or Ciel took him up as a servant as a way of providing him with a living. Any in-universe character who comes to this conclusion is probably also sensible enough to know it's not the sort of topic you bring up for discussion.
    • Take into account that so far as most characters know, Sebastian is just a regular young man. They look at him and figure he's probably in his early-mid twenties, and assume that if he did have any kids, they'd be younger than Ciel,so they know he's not secretly Ciel's dad coming back in an obvious disguise or something. Also:
    • Every adult who meets Ciel thinks (at least at first) that he's just a sweet kid who's way in over his head, and he sometimes acts innocent/childish to mislead people. They probably just assume that Ciel just came across this guy who looked just like his daddy and begged Sebastian to work for him because he missed his parents and wanted someone to fill their place in his heart. And they may not be entirely wrong in thinking that.
    • Madam Red loved Vincent and she was groping Sebastian's butt in her appearance chapter. She must have noticed.
    • Well, I certainly didn't notice. For anime characters, they're really not that similar.
      • IIRC the reason they don't look that similar in the anime version is because Sebastian is still based more on Yana's older drawings in the anime, whereas Vincent was introduced later on in the series so of course they based him on her updated design. However in the manga, at least IMO, they have the same face shape and everything. Only their hair's different, and Vincent has a mole. Plus somewhere it's been mentioned that Ciel wanted Sebastian to take the shape of his father, so.
      • Nope. That's non-canon. I don't believe that fan theory has ever been endorsed by the manga author. It's more a case of epileptictrees than anything. Also, their eye-shapes, mouth shapes, and hair are still really different. (I read the manga and watch the anime) I really don't see why people are so insistent they look the same. They're drawn in the same style by the same author as attractive men, of COURSE they look similar.
      • This troper isn't the most observant person in the world, and maybe I missed something, but I don't remember Ciel saying anything about modelling Sebastian's appearance after Vincent anywhere in the Manga.
    • It's possible that Sebastian just appeared in a form that he thought would be handsome and/or respectable to Ciel, and any young boy's standard for "respectable, good-looking older man" is usually based on his father. He wouldn't want to look identical to him, just have the same sort of attributes that make Lord Phantomhive handsome.

  • What is a European redhead housemaid doing with a name like Mey-Rin?
    • Dunno, Toboso Yana named her that. You do mean that Mey-Rin is a weird name, right?
    • From what I understand, 'Mey-Rin' is a translation error, due to the lack of an 'l' sound in Japanese speech and script, and her name is actually more along the lines of Mei-Lin; I'm fairly sure she's Chinese, not European.
      • Is Mey-Rin official? Some places say it's "Maylene", which would actually make a lot more sense.

  • Maybe I'm just stupid, but didn't a few of the characters die or were implied to be dead in the first season? Those characters are back in the second season. Lau most definitely died, but he seems to be back, in the second episode of the second season. Ciel's soul was supposed to be taken by Sebastian...and yet, he's still alive. Hmm.
    • Probably because the show would be rather bleak without those characters, Ciel especially.
    • This might be more appropriate for the WMG page, but it looks like it's some sort of alternate timeline or something, as of episode 3.
    • As it turns out Ciel simply lost his memories. Sebastian was about to eat Ciel but his soul got stolen by Claude, somehow. As for the deceased characters... we didn't actually see Lau and Ran-mao die they simply fell into the water and COULD have survived and Abberline did die but the character that appears in season two is his twin. Whether this can be seen as a Retcon or not is debatable.
  • In the manga, Ciel's aunt and Elizabeth's mother are having a nice little hunting party when suddenly a BEAR jumps out! Now, did the author just forget or did she actually think bears ran around the outskirts of London?
    • It's mentioned that Ceil does not live close to London. So it's not that unusual.
      • "Not that unusual"? We do not have freaking BEARS in Britain!
      • Maybe it escaped from a zoo or something?
      • Given that the Phantomhives/Middlefords are indisputably of the Badass Family type, maybe they just decided to have bears lurking around the estate . . . not as pets, but to keep the kids from growing too complacent in a safe environment. Or as an awesome security system.
      • In those times, bear-baiting was a popular event for nobles. Maybe one escaped from a bear-baiting party?
  • Madam Red dies and then it's almost as if they forget her. Technically, Ciel in Season 2 really does, but the manga is basically the same. Wouldn't Ciel show at least some more remorse or hatred towards Grell? In fact, the only one who is a big reminder that she actually existed as a character is Grell, who wears her coat almost as a token.
    • Odd that you bring up the coat, because that's something that really bugged me until I rewatched the third episode of Kuro II. Ciel doesn't have any memories at this point. When they head to London, he mentions not wanting to run into Madam Red, and Sebastian replies, rather morbidly in hindsight, that that won't be an issue. When they meet Grell later, Ciel specifically reacts to the color of Grell's coat. "That red..." He obviously doesn't recognize Grell as Anonymous-Bespectacled-Butler, but he recognizes the color of the coat. He may not make the connection that it is, in fact, the exact same coat, but he recognizes it.
    • After Madam Red dies in the manga, Elizabeth and her mother come to visit Ciel, and Lizzie mentions that she's happy to see Ciel enthusiastic about his competition with Elizabeth's mother. She specifically says that Ciel was very close to Madam Red, and she wasn't sure how he'd manage after her death. This being Ciel, of course the answer is "stoic".
    • No. The manga is not the same. The animation takes it own course pretty much after Jack the Ripper and Grell has several appearances (and has his character derailed) but manga wise, we haven't seen him since Jack the Ripper. William has shown up more than him. As for no angst, Ciel has suffered through worse shit than losing a family member at this point. Plus he has to keep up appearances. He doesn't want to be considered a child, so if the public saw the great head of the Phantomhive household (male no less) angsting and moaning and whining about his Aunt's death...well respect for him would severely decline. Both in the manga and in the fandom.
    • This troper would like to point out that Grell comes back in the newest arc [dont know the name of it] along with Ronald.
    • In the manga Ciel flashes back to Madame Red taking care of him when he's ill during the Circus Arc. Not so forgotten ...
    • She may be all but forgotten in the anime, but Madam Red is indeed remembered, you need to look closer in the manga. In the Titanic/Zombie Arc, particularly, since Grell appears again after the Jack the Ripper Arc.
    • She did reappear in the Ciel in Wonderland OVA as the Queen of Hearts (fittingly enough). Not sure if that counts, but since the whole thing was a dream that Ciel was having, it shows that he does remember her.
  • Season 2, episode 8. Claude killed Alois...How?! Aren't they under a Magically-Binding Contract?
    • Actually...Alois' contract was specifically to 'never leave my side/never leave me alone', In episode 8, Claude said something along the lines of 'in this form we will be always together' so, technically, he didn't break the contract at all. Demons are trecherous creatures, so is obvious he had ready a legal loophole to scape from the contract if this wasn't satisfying enough.
      • But was that really the point of the contract? I thought that his goal was to get revenge against Sebastian for killing Luka by taking Ciel from him.
    • Technically, demons only follow orders because its their aesthetics (or so Sebastian says). So if Claude really wanted to, he could disobey Alois's orders.
  • Am I the only one who find the household staff being uber-Badass something of an Ass Pull or at the very best, Cerebus Retcon? Especially annoying is Maylene. If she is a Cold Sniper on crack, why does she keep breaking all the dishes? Why acting so idiotic? What's the point? Obfuscating Stupidity does not explain it because everyone already knows that anyway. Seriously, if all they were good for was to guard the house, why do they even bother being a housework staff that they are so incompetent at being at?
    • Ciel keeps them because they are a permanent annoyance to Sebastian.
    • Rather than an Ass Pull, I believe this is more of a Fridge Logic sort. Sebastian is capable to do much better work than all of them combined, and Ciel wouldn't keep them around if they aren't useful.
    • It could be that they acting like their real selves instead of being Obfuscating Stupidity. They had lived hard lives up to the point before they met Ciel.
    • They might also be trying to brighten up Ciel's life by being funny and entertaining. Seems like something they might do.
    • They were brought almost solely for the purpose of being guards. But when they're not doing that job, they need something to do, so he assigned them tasks. They just happen to be bad at them. (Except when Agni is instructing them) As for Maylene, she strikes me as the type that is TOO relaxed when not under pressure, (or rather, when not working in her field of choice, killing) and that makes her seem clumsy.
    • I'm pretty sure it's said that Maylene needs a new prescription for her glasses but she doesn't want to replace the ones she has because they were a gift, so that could be why she specifically has a hard time breaking dishes and the like. It's also incredibly likely that Maylene, Bard, and Finny just haven't had time to learn how to do such simple tasks after the lives they've led — they didn't know who Elizabeth was when she visited in ch. 2 of the manga, so they couldn't have been around long.
      • Exactly. It was explcitly stated in the anime.
      • It was also mentioned in the manga. Bardroy explicitly stated that when they came to work for Ciel, they had no experience in their respective jobs and that they were just now finally learning how to do them properly.
    • No. An Ass Pull badass is Elizabeth. Hiding it because "I didn't want him to not think I'm cute is an ass pull of the highest caliber.
      • Not really if you think of the time period. Elizabeth's belief stems from growing up in a time when girls were meant to be quiet and submissive and never fight or even speak very loudly, and essentially just sit there and look pretty. While it may seem strange to people in modern times, it does make some sense that she'd feel this way, and hide her badass side accordingly, when you take that into account.
      • No. No it doesn't. Hiding it for one of the dumbest reasons in manga history because she didn't want him to think she wasn't cute doesn't stem from a belief system. It stems from the writers of this manga being total hacks. The fact that she could have been a useful character in the previous 50 or so chapters and she just suddenly becomes a sword swinging badass all of a sudden is a grade A, 100 % Ass Pull.
      • That's not why she hid it. Read above.
      • How so? To be honest, we don't know much about Lizzie, considering that she shows fairly infrequently in the manga, the Titanic Arc is probably the first time since the Beginning Arc that Lizzie had a significant role. We already know that she isn't what she appears considering her conversation with Sebastian after the bear attack (although she isn't free some the impulsiveness and brattiness that comes with being a child. Plus, it was the only one of two times we, as the readers, see her in mortal danger. She can't exactly take down a bear that's easily x8 her weight and it was sudden. Her hidden badass does go along with KSJ's theme that not everyone is what they appeared. Although I understand with some of the criticism that it wrecks Lizze's role of being a "normal" character. But it is not an Asspull if it doesn't go against her character so far. Lizzie's hatred of her hidden badass side isn't entirely shallow. Remember that Frances will only get out of Ciel's hair if he can protect Lizzie properly and Lizzie feels like being a typical girl makes it easier for Ciel to try to protect her even if she doesn't need it. And she might liked that feeling also. Plus, Lizzie wants to be that girl as well so I can understand her view. Maybe hesitating while zombies are murdering up the place wasn't exactly the perfect place to have some sort of existential crisis but it's not like she comes across zombies everyday and actually looked quite shaken until her reveal. Poor girl just can't win with this fandom.
      • "Useful in the last fifty chapters"? You really think that Ciel would drag her along with him and Sebastian during all of their missions? "Hey Lizzie, my demon butler is about to burn down a manor full of children and the three goons we just brutally slaughtered with his hand. Why not join in on the fun and help us out a bit with your fancy sword skills?". Sure, that will totally happen. Never mind that Ciel doesn't rely on anyone but Sebastian, and he loves (or at least likes) Lizzie enough to keep her safe. No one is supposed to know that his Battle Butler is also a demon and that Ciel does some pretty awful things behind closed doors. And like the above Troper said, we never really knew a lot about Lizzie and she was only used as a Plucky Comic Relief character until then, much like the Phantomhive staff themselves. Not liking a character doesn't mean that any awesome thing they do is simply an attempt to make them seem awesome. Most fans definitely agreed that this was planned given the author's style at 'surprise'/Beware the Nice Ones characters, and it was quite obvious there was something more to her during the chapter in which her mother was introduced.
      • Word of God says she planned it from the start on her blog.
      • Justify it all you like, it will forever be both an Ass Pull, and the reason the manga has been dropped by certain people.(Meaning me.)
      • How could you not expect it? Look at Lizzie's mother, Frances. She met her husband when she beat him in fencing! Yes, a woman should be quiet and dainty and whatnot during the late 18th century, but we already knew that Frances was badass! What made you assume that she wouldn't make Lizzie fence as well? And pretty much Lizzie's entire family are known to be good with swordplay, so why do you assume that Lizzie would be left out? Because she's a girl?
      • Oh, alright, so her mom knowing how to fence means she can just suddenly become a dual sword wielding badass? Yeah that makes total sense. Hey, Ceil practices fencing sometimes. I guess that means at anytime he can suddenly become an expert sword fighter too.
      • If you remember, Frances doesn't have custody over Ciel. And she doesn't have the time to visit often, does she? Unlike Elizabeth, who lives with her 24/7 ever since she was born. Don't you think that she'd be trained more often than Ciel because of that? So yes, I think that Elizabeth would have plenty of time to turn into a dual wielding badass, even if it hasn't been shown on-panel until now.
      • And we come back to the crux of the matter. What was freaking point of hiding it? They could have shown the readers at least, had her whip some massive ass, but keep it a secret from Ciel and not the reader. But no, they yank it our of their ass in the cheesiest way possible. Ass Pull. 100%, I'm done arguing this with you people, have a good one.
      • And that, fellow Tropers, is the Fan Dumb of Yaoi Fangirl at its fullest. Move along, there's nothing to see here except for an idiot fangirl.
      • I'm not a Yaoi Fangirl. I'm not even a girl. I'm a guy who just hates Elizabeth.
      • And there is the entire thing that defines your problem. The above troper just plain hates Elizabeth. Despite the evidence provided in-story and pointed out by other Tropers, you insist it's an Ass Pull. Given how you openly admit you hate her, it wouldn't have mattered what they did with Elizabeth - revealed her to be a Badass or remain a plucky little girl, you would've hated it cause you don't like the character.
      • Fine, exclude the Yaoi Fangirl and we still got the Fan Dumb of character bashing. Really, it makes sense, especially considering what our fellow Tropers have pointed with the above. And to make this not become a Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, I'll say my Headscratchers for this: What bugs me is how in the world Ciel, being Elizabeth's fiance, doesn't know his fiancee is a rapier-wielding Bad Ass. She has entered tournaments before. Tournaments most likely held by the Queen herself (seeing there's Earl Grey there) and (maybe) posted in newspaper. And this become more like a Fridge Logic than a Head Scratchers.
      • I don't think it'd be good to be stereotyping everyone who hates Lizzy as a Yaoi Fangirl, and we shouldn't bring who exactly this person is to begin with. The troper's identity is irrelevant. What matters is his opinion. And I'll try to justify why Ciel didn't know about Elizabeth being a Dual Wielding Bad Ass. As we all know, Ciel has a very busy life. He's either managing his company, studying/practicing the violin, or out solving cases for the Queen. I don't think he has the time to look through the daily newspaper and read about Elizabeth. And he's not one for social gatherings, unless he's hosting it or he's snooping around for evidence for the Queen's sake. And everyone else would probably assume that he'd know about Lizzy's... talents, so they didn't bother to tell him.
      • This is my first edit on the Black Butler page so I'm not one of the people who talked previously, but I... kind of agree. I was awfully disappointed when the truth about Elizabeth was revealed. Not because I have something against her backstory or reasons or whatever in particular, but—I'm just so tired of having every single character be secretly Bad Ass. I mean, come on. First the hired help, then the cutesy girlfriend, then the Undertaker... not to mention the extras. I'm not going to stop reading or anything because of it, but it is a little tiring to not have any just... normal people, if that makes sense. If only as a basis of comparison to make the mains seem more competent! ...Just my own experience with it; I'm sure some/a lot of people enjoyed seeing everybody being generally awesome, haha.
      • Okay, I can understand that. The fact that practically everyone is a badass now does ruin the fact that they're supposed to be normal. But then again, World of Badass. I suppose our lovely author is trying to slowly shape the Kuroshitsuji world into a World of Badass. But Lizzy being a Dual Wielding Bad Ass does make sense. And even Undertaker did always seemed to be a bit... unusual, dont you think? I like the rouge Shinigami thing better than what they did with the anime. And the fact that there's no eyeglasses, a nice touch. I didn't like how Meyrin, Baldroy and Finny became badass though, I can give you that for being an Ass Pull.
      • I wouldn't say the servants are asspulls - in the first volume, wayyyy before the big reveal we see Finney rooting up entire trees thanks to his strength, Bard having a love of flamethrowers, and other various examples.
      • I don't how something can be an Ass Pull if it's completely relevant to the plot and makes sense. Lizzy being a badass? Plenty of reason given above as to why this isn't a shock. The staff? Pretty dang obvious why he kept them around. Ciel would never in a million years keep useless servants around. It seems to me what you guys are calling ass pulls is just things that you personally don't like. Do you have a right to not like them? Totally. However, when you consider that most of Ciel's life revolves around dangerous activities and purposely associating with people involved in dangerous activities, why does it surprise you that the people around him have the ability to cope with dangerous activities? I mean, for goodness sakes, Lizzy is marrying Ciel. How is it at all possible that she wouldn't know what her husband did for a living? Hiding a talent is one thing. Hiding what 99% of Ciel's life revolves around is just impossible. Of course she needs to learn to defend herself, especially after what happened to the previous heads of house. Storywise, if you don't like it, that's fine. However, saying it came out of no where when the author takes great pains to show why it DIDN'T come out of no where is just silly.
      • Out of the blue or not, I'll forever love the fact that Lizzie can fence if for no other reason than Ciel's reaction to it.
    • It's revealed in much later chapters that the servants (or at least Finny) do housework because they hate defining themselves as killers, and having/learning any other skill set makes them feel good. Ciel might only want them for their combat skills, but he knows that happy guards make loyal guards, so he gives them fake-jobs to keep them happy. And as a plan to get loyal guards it's worked really, really well.
    • Apparently by the murder mystery arc they've gotten somewhat better at their jobs, and in the Witch Forest arc Sebastian does give them household chores to help out with (and then he doesn't go around fixing their mistakes, implying that they were successful).
  • Okay, seriously. In the recent murder mystery arc, why was no one smart enough to leave the mansion? Sure, it was raining heavily, but just how the hell is that any comparison to the dangers of staying in a mansion that a murderer is lurking in?
    • You have to remember that they were basically stranded at the house. With that ride, the roads are extremely muddy and that makes it very impossible to navigate to.
      • But couldn't they have walked somewhere safer? I mean Ciel's mansion can't really be that far from a town, can it?
      • A mansion built in that time period? Eh, it probably was pretty far from town. Or maybe just too far for most of the fancypants nobles to walk. Besides, it's all stormy and dark and scary outside, and they're pretty sure someone amongst them is a murderer. AND maybe the killer's got some buddies on the outside, waiting for as backup.
      • One man tried to leave. Ciel didn't let him.
  • Why did Ciel's death certificate in the last episode of season 2 say he was 13? Season 2's storyline is supposed to be set a year and 3 months after the first season's end, so he should be 14. Did the animation team just forget that or did I miss something?
    • I don't think it took place one year and three months after season 1. Yes, it was one year and three months for us viewers but season 2 takes place right after the final episode I think.
      • If you look on the Kuroshitsuji wiki here (scroll down to "Plot"), it says that Kuroshitsuji II takes place 1 year and 3 months after Kuroshitsuji. Kuroshitsuji II aired 6 months after Kuroshitsuji had finished, not a year and 3 months.
      • It's a translation error. The Other Wiki [1] says that Kuroshitsuji ended March 26, 2009 and that Kuro II started July 1, 2010. Also Yana Toboso herself said: "1 year and 3 months have passed since the first TV anime finished" on her blog (look under "Everything for the sake of that person").
      • So what? Wasn't Ciel supposed to have died, as far as the rest of the world is concerned at the end of the first season? That would have been his first official death. Season 2 makes... a second death, really. (Do I really need spoiler tags for that?)
  • Speaking of death, why were only select characters given Ciel's death certificate, and not everyone (like the housekeepers). Seems like a huge Plot Hole, should they run into each other.
    • Maybe Ciel just doesn't care if his staff gets into embarrassing situations.
  • Why did Claude frame Sebastian for Luka's death? Sure, it's not like he could have told the truth, but why Sebastian? What did he ever do? Also, what was the point of episode 2 & 3? They were supposed to be very relevant to the ending of the story but were they really? Even after the finale they still come off as Fillers.
    • Claude was after Ciel's soul and Sebastian was already contracted to Ciel by the time Claude became contracted to Alois, so that made Sebastian something of an "obstacle" to Claude
    • Well if you paid attention to the lines more you would have noticed that the lady said "The man with the 'golden' eyes told me.' Hint: Golden. I have nothing to add about the relevance of 2 I'm lost as to why that's even there.
  • I know it's meant to be impressive and it's supposed to show us that he's just as cool as Sebby , but why did Claude feel the sudden urge to tap dance before redecorating the mansion? I mean yeah, it's cool that he can do that without falling, but WHY? It just made me giggle a little.
    • I'd like to know too. I can only think that it's some sort of powering-up ritual? It just looks silly. Claude lost points from me for that.
    • I think it might be a Shout-Out to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the movie, Ron wakes up in the middle of a nightmare and says he dreamt of spiders and tap dancing.
    • Technically it's not a tap-dance, it's flamenco. Which doesn't make it any less jarring, but fits in with the hints of Spanish culture that flavor Claude's character. And I agree with the "power-up ritual" theory, although it's interesting that he never does it again.

  • In the manga there is electricity, cell phones (though rather bulky), video games, and television. This is all fixed in the anime but it just bothers me when things like that show up in the anime.
    • The "television" is never explicitly called such; it's only stated that it's a box with moving people inside. It could be early motion picture technology like a kintescope,which involved peering through a small lens to watch a film inside a small box. The technology actually fits into the manga's timeline.
    • Also the Italian mafia are wearing pretty modern clothes.
      • What are the Italian mafia even doing in Victorian England?
    • You have to admit, for the first few chapters and even sometimes in the curry competition arc, Kuroshitsuji did seem like somewhat of a parody manga, usually parodying Shounen manga clichés. e.g. in the first chapter, when Sebastian fought against a martial artist calling out stupid-sounding moves; not to mention the fact that Sebastian is "perfect" and uses knives as weapons. And having a flamboyant gay/maybe transsexual death god. All of those (at least at the beginning) seemed a bit overdone and funny. As the series went on and it actually got a serious plot, you'll notice there aren't as many "mistakes" such as the mobile phone or television.
    • Actually, some parts of the manga are so historically accurate it's impressive (plants on the fireplace, architecture, certain jibes about the time of tea in comparison to social classes) and then they throw a phone and a chainsaw and a TV in for laughs.
  • In chapter 3, why doesn't Sebastian notice when the mafia guys sneak in through the window and kidnap Ciel? Exactly how good is his hearing, anyway?
    • That's a simple excuse for Rule of Cool. If he had stopped them there, he wouldn't have had an excuse to go on an awesome rescue mission.
    • I wouldn't put it past Sebastian to do it just so Ciel would get hurt. He's almost had him injected with snake venom in the manga and has expressed a desire to have others teach him a lesson more than once. Sebastian might be affably evil, but he's still evil.
  • At the end of season 2 of the anime, Ciel becomes a demon and Sebastian is bound to serve him forever, and to never eat his soul. Does this mean that Sebastian will never be able to eat anyone's soul ever again, meaning he will starve and eventually die? Maybe I'm just missing something.
    • I haven't read the manga, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't think Sebastian has to eat souls to survive. I never saw him do it during the show.
    • Logical, although then why would Sebby be after Ciel's soul in the first place?
      • Because he's evil and it's tasty.
    • Then why does Angela say Sebastian must be starving in episode 20?
      • I suppose it's similar to having chips even if you aren't hungry; they're simply delicious.
      • Angela is bat-shit insane. I wouldn't listen to anything coming from her.
    • The contract prevents Sebastian from failing Ciel in any way, right? (I've never really been 100% sure how that works, but I thought that the implication was that even if it's something Sebastian wouldn't be able to do normally, the contract would make it happen because he HAD to do it. Anyway, by dying he would technically "escape" the contract, wouldn't he? So I've just been assuming the contract would keep him from dying of starvation from not eating any souls in order to make sure he was stuck with Ciel forever.
    • It's made fairly clear in the manga and the anime that demons don't have to be contracted to a person in order to consume their soul. Contracted souls just taste better and are more satisfying (presumably) because the demon can "season" the soul to their taste. It's the difference between a diet of bread and water as opposed to a five-star dinner. Both will keep you from starving, but which would you pick? So poor Sebastian is consigned to a bland diet for eternity since he can't contract with anyone else and he can't consume Ciel's soul. No wonder the poor sod looks so miserable.
  • In the Manga in chapter 2; Sebastian's bow hold is incredibly unstable! there is no way he'd be able to play with that incorrect bow hold and sound good. I'm a violinist so the whole position of the instrument looks off to me, I've tried playing positioned like that and it's just painful.
    • Well ... he is one hell of a butler
    • But he can get heart burn, so it seems he can't defy EVERY law of the universe.

  • So at the end of the first season, London burns down, or at least gets heavy physical damage. Not to mention many, many people die. So in the second season, how is everything back to normal so fast? It's only been a few months since the end of season 1! Not too mention nobody, not even most of the main cast, seems to act like it never existed. Let alone the extras.
  • Madam Red was not the only doctor in her hospital. Why did they let a woman who had lost her unborn baby and her ability to carry children perform abortions? That's cruel, even if you are pro-choice!
    • The key word there is "let". If Madam Red chose to preform a particular sort of surgery for which she was trained, they don't really have any reason to stop her (at least by Victorian Era co-ed doctor sensibilities). They may not even have known about her past, if she was sent to a different hospital and/or didn't work there until after her husband had already died.
  • At the end of season two, when Ciel becomes a demon, why was it necessary for him to send Sebastian to tell everyone he was dead?
    • Because a rich kid suddenly vanishing was gonna raise a few questions. Telling everyone he died was simply a cover so no one would wonder where he vanished off to.
  • In chapter 55, Sebastian changes his gloves after killing the zombies. He didn't seem to have turned around... Lizzie and Snake were both watching. Does this not bother anyone?
    • Are you referring to Sebastian's contract mark being visible? They probably thought it was some kind of tattoo.
      • ...A tattoo of a symbol of satanism. I'd think that it would attract a bit of attention.
      • Please do some research on pentagrams BEFORE saying rubbish.
      • It's not really "rubbish" considering tattoos, let alone tattoos of pentagrams (which many people still misunderstand as a Satanic symbol etc.), were tabbooo back then. Especially ones with unfamiliar text and strange symbols. But hey, none of the cast seems to wonder why Sebastian has glowing red eyes with Hellish Pupils. Or how he can kill people with butter knives. Or where the hell he even came from, for that I doubt they'd care about a tattoo.
    • Honestly? I think Lizzie and Snake might have been a bit more concerned with surviving the attack of the zombie horde while on a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean than with asking Sebastian why he has a pentagram on the back of his hand. Just saying.
  • Why do Angela and Ash, who are so obsessed with destroying everything dirty and impure that they try to burn down London, have such a close relationship with Pluto, who is a demon dog?
    • This is just a hypothesis but I think they want to eliminate sins and negative feelings. Pluto acts like a dog, not like a human: he's not evolved enough to feel hatred and commit sins.
  • Hannah's sword is lethal. Any demon wounded by it has to die. So why does she store it inside her own body? Isn't she afraid of cutting herself while swallowing it?
    • I always assumed that she is a special kind of demon who is able to store the sword. As wasp's poison does not harm the carrier, so does the weapon. And it seems that she contains a vast emptiness inside her (remember that eye-in-the-mouth scene?), so sword just can't reach her from inside.
  • In chapter 5, how could Ciel steal the head of a chocolate statue? Wasn't it a bit high for him? Why didn't he take something easier instead?
  • Didn't Sebastian rape Matilda? People act like it was consensual.
    • I should say more along the lines of seduced. I didn't see anything implying that it wasn't, aside from the bit where he squashes the bug behind her, and that seemed more like an excuse to be suddenly swoon-inducingly close to her than it was any sort of implied threat. I practically swooned from that, and I was sitting across the room, and not on the same side of the camera as them.
    • She didn't voice her refusal, and she willingly accepted to have sex with him while enjoying it the process. I'm not saying that "it isn't rape if you enjoyed it", because I never believed that statement was true, but she gave in quickly and she never said no; therefore, it is assumed that it was consensual.

  • Doesn't anybody wonder where the hell Sebastian is from, or what happened to Ciel? I mean, both Elizabeth and Madame Red have mentioned that he just showed up one day with a 'pitch black butler', nothing alarming about that, right? Never mind that the Phantomhive manor was mysteriously burned down or that Ciel has been missing for a month and came back covered in bruises with bandages around his eye. Never mind how empty he seemed when he returned. I get that they were happy to have him back, but come on.
    • Not that you don't have a point, but I wager they were just so happy he was alive that they didn't care that he seemed off. You know, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" and all that jazz.
    • Not to mention, questioning traumatized children when they don't want to talk is a recipe for disaster. The idea of 'If you talk about it, you'll get over it' only works for some people. For others, it just makes them relive trauma, damaging them even further.
    • To be fair though, Elizabeth doesn't really seem the type to ignore it...
      • I also agree, most people (Including Lizzy) were just happy that he was alive, but it's implied in chapter chapter 66, that Lizzy has always wondered about it but she just doesn't have the guts to ask him..
  • In season 1 of the anime, does anyone find it odd that Sebastian doesn't immediately recognise Grell and the Undertaker as shinigami? For that matter, in season 2, neither Claude nor Sebastian appear to catch on that Alois' maid is the season's Big Bad.
    • It's been shown several times in the anime that, even though it's easy for Sebastian to tell when someone is "off", he doesn't have the magical ability to know exactly who/what they are just by talking to them. He knew Grell was off, he knew Undertaker was off, but he didn't know what they were until it was too late. The same with Angela (though I get the idea he had a better guess at her, probably given the name).
  • One thing that I never understood is why they made Bardroy British in the anime.
    • Because the uniform he has on during his flashback sequences is in the British military style- in the manga, it was in the American military style.
  • I've been hearing this rumor time and time again and I am hoping someone here could lead me to some proof toward its validation. Is it true that Black Butler's creator intended the story to be a hardcore Yaoi first and just changed it around because it wouldn't be published if it was? Because I've also heard an opposing rumor that the author claimed that absolutely nothing about Black Butler is meant to be seen as a Yaoi and instead the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian should be seen as toxic at best. Neither rumor has proof backing it up, so does any one here know where to find out?
    • I don't have any confirmation for either, but I'm pretty sure both rumors are correct. Their relationship is intended to be toxic at best, and in the original hardcore-yaoi version they were supposed to have a destructive, manipulative, toxic relationship where the sex makes the entire thing even more fucked up. So originally it was going to be a story about a manipulative sexual relationship, until Yana Tobos wrote out the sex and made it a destructive, manipulative, toxic relationship without sexual tension. Read the manga chapter where Beast sleeps with Sebastian- you'll see what I mean.
  • How do the witches in the Witch Forest arc procreate if they're all women? Sieglinde mentions that the first Green Witch died long ago and her blood thinned out over generations, so unless she's an exception, they're not immortal. Is there any other possible explanation besides magic? And unless they really reproduce parthenogenetically, where are all the guys?
    • Ciel points that out, and it looks like that question is a hint that all is not what it seems in the forest
      • In addition, in the latest chapter Snake implies that the residents may be the werewolves themselves - or at least have some kind of physical contact with said wolves - (one of the snake's mentions the girl smelled like the werewolf). Plus it appears Sieglinde has to perform some kind of ritual involving the wolves soon. Either way there's clearly something more to the village than there seems.
  • In the Weston School Arc, could Ciel not simply have ordered Sebastian to spy/get information from the P4. I know there wouldn't have been a story otherwise, but it's not like Sebastian hasn't done covert spying/interrogations before. It seemed like Ciel having to get close to the P4 and the whole Cricket tournament could have been avoided by simply crashing the Midnight tea party.
    • The task given to him by the Queen was to find out about what happened to one of her distant relatives. Aside from the relatives themselves, there is no real mention about Derek or that he's even supposedly missing. Crashing the Midnight Tea Party of London's prestigious School might have alerted all sorts of authorities, which was likely not supposed to happen and would've potentially complicated things even more.

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