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Film: 16 Wishes
Everyone's sweet 16 is special, Abby's is magical.
16 Wishes is a 2010 Disney Channel Movienote  produced by MarVista Entertainment and starring Debby Ryan as Abby Jensen.

Abby always wanted the perfect 16th birthday and for her 16 special birthday wishes to come true. But when it finally comes, it starts off less than spectacularly - until a fairy godmother shows up with 16 magical candles, each corresponding to one of Abby's birthday wishes. In the process she learns an important lesson - Be Careful What You Wish For.

The movie itself turned out to be a surprise success, especially with a demographic not typically associated with Disney Channel - adult males. For this reason, many give credit to 16 Wishes for helping to establish Debby Ryan as being a "face" for Disney Channel and helping her land her own sitcom, Jessie.

Not to be confused with Sixteen Candles - even though there are, indeed, 16 candles.

This movie provides examples of:

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