Film: Bad Taste

Frank: "Just remember, we're only authorized to use violence when there's a threat to the planet Earth."
Barry: "And the Moon."
Frank: "Yeah, and the Moon."

Bad Taste is a 1987 No Budget film which is the directorial debut for Peter Jackson. It's a splatter movie about a bunch of aliens working for an intergalactic fastfood company, who massacre the town of Kaihoro for the meat of its inhabitants.

However, one of the townsfolk manages to send a distress call and Astro Investigation and Defence Service sends out The Boys to investigate. The team consists of four members: Barry (the Straight Man of the group), Frank, Ozzy (a trigger-happy duo), and Derek (a sociopath with a slight drooling problem). Hilarity Ensues as The Boys clash with the aliens; Derek goes berserk, a charity collector Giles is abducted and The Boys have to clean up the whole mess.

Notable for being shot with a shoestring budget during weekends over a period of four years.

Bad Taste contains examples of: