Fanfic / Unmade

"You've gone mad," Sylar says quietly. Peter's sudden completely irrational anger is so quick and furious it scares him. But he's powerless to stop it.
"Go to hell," Peter says furiously through the glass, close enough to throw spit with every word. "Go to hell!"
"You've gone mad," Sylar repeats, only the fascination is sliding rapidly into something almost uneasy.
Peter leans close enough to press his forehead against the glass. "Then I'll be in good company."

Unmade by Corona is an alternate universe Heroes Fan Fic that takes place after Volume 2. Nathan is assassinated by Company agents pre-story leaving Peter a guilt-ridden wreck. Furthermore, he is imprisoned by the Company with Sylar in the neighboring cell where they are stuck together for months with no other human contact. They are both subjected to dangerous and irresponsible experiments. Then the resident Mad Scientist acts surprised when the inevitable results occur. It's very much Dark Fic, you can feel the Claustrophobia of this piece. It's guaranteed to leave you going woah! Even for a Hurt/Comfort Fic, Didn't See That Coming. Also, can be interpreted as pre-slash. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This fanfic contains examples of: