Fanfic / Superwomen of Eva 2: Blue Defiance

Even when she realized that her relationship with Gendo wasn't all she once thought it was, Ritsuko felt powerless to change anything. When she happens to find a certain insect shaped artifact, however, the equation changes. Drastically.

Superwomen of Eva 2: Blue Defiance by Mike313 is a Superwomen of Eva story starring Dr. Ritsuko Akagi as the Blue Beetle.

During the Sahaquiel fight, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi realizes her life has reached a dead end. While driving home, she gets hit with a series of minor inconveniences — including a flat tire, a missing jack, and a malfunctioning lighter — and finds a damaged alien superweapon that binds with her overnight. After some thought, and appreciating the power it gives, Ritsuko resolves to stop Third Impact as the Blue Beetle.


Alternative Title(s): Superwomen Of Eva 2 Blue Defiance