Fan Fic / Quinn In Wonderland

Quinn In Wonderland is a Crossover Alternate Universe Fic written by jackiekennedy that combines Glee with Alice in Wonderland. The story revolves around Quinn Fabray, the Lovable Alpha Bitch from Glee. In this story she has just recently moved to Lima, Ohio and is angry over the move. While trying on a beautiful blue dress her Stepford Smiler parents have bought her in an attempt to buy her happiness she sees a peculiar boy in a wheelchair rolling across lawn. She follows him and ends up falling Down the Rabbit Hole and ends up in Wonderland. There she meets a tiny girl named Mouse and a kind man named Mr. Dodo. Mr. Dodo reveals to Quinn that Wonderland is in a state of distress as the evil Queen of Hearts has manipulated the Red Queen and taken over. He claims Quinn can find her way home if she can gather up an army and help turn the Red Queen back. Desperate to go back, Quinn agrees. As she builds up her army she meets an eccentric group of new friends (and someone who may be more than that) and realizes she may be a part of something far greater than she ever expected.

Quinn in Wonderland is a well written crossover, selecting the best of both creations and making an exciting and romantic fanfic. Plus there are great twists. The story is complete and it can be found here. Has a character sheet.

Tropes Include: