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Fan Fic: Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts
Pretty Cure Entwined Hearts is a Pretty Cure fanseries by midoriri, putting emphasis on The Power of Love and having a "Shakespeare" theme.

The prince of Kokoro and his caretaker are aided in their escape from an evil quartet by Cure Ariel. As she points them towards earth, she gives them three Signet Rings so they can find more Pretty Cure and get help.

The prince, Ti, and his caretaker, Coffee, arrive in a small Japanese town and eventually locate three teenagers and form a small team:

  • Hiromi Satou/(Cure Capulet): A book-loving Shrinking Violet with a strong sense of justice.
  • Akihiko "Aki" Oshiro/(Cure Montague): A beautiful girl who would be a "school princess" if it weren't for her goofy side.
  • Miho Sakura/(Cure Portia): A school drop-out who's trying to become a manga-writer.

Other characters include:

Together, they fight off Shitsuren, a quartet bent on destroying all love in Kokoro (and eventually Earth) and replacing it with heartbreak.

It can be read here.

This fanfic contains examples of:

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