Fan Fic / Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic

Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic is a Pretty Cure fanseries by TwinklingCupcake featuring an after-school activities thematic. It can read on here. As of this writing, the series is officially complete.

After the Dream Charm, a magical crystal that nurtures everyone's hopes and dreams, is destroyed during an invasion and escape their home, Dream Peaks, to Earth, two snakes named Kaana and Hisa take it upon themselves to send five emails containing a special program that, when the message is opened, will turn the pure-hearted recipient into a Pretty Cure. Soon, they assemble four girls into a team.

And then, there's Mora. A group of five people who want the Dream Charm for themselves and aim to steal the dreams of everyone in the universe, in Dream Peaks and on earth.They consist of:
  • Nocturna: The Big Bad of the series, a surprisingly-young girl who was left horribly weakened by the attack on Dream Peaks, and now relies on her followers to do the dirty work for her until she is fully healed. Is implied to be in a relationship with Gachan.
  • Gachan: The Dragon / Battle Butler. Wears a mask to hide his heterochromia and large birthmark that covers half his face. The gentleman of the group, he only does evil deeds because it's what Nocturna wishes, not because of any ill will he himself has.
  • Chuusha: The Medic, a woman who claims to not feel pain herself, but loves inflicting it on others—including her own team-mates. Uses needles to fight, and loses her temper far too easily.
  • Kemuri: The Dark Chick, an over-dramatic girl who treats battles as stage-performances and rates herself (and her opponents) at the very end. Tends to use colored smoke-bombs.
  • Fureyaa: The Minion with an F in Evil, a 14-year-old boy who relies on bright lights to cover him in battle, and enjoys eating lunch with Pretty Cure and hanging out with them. He adopts a civilian disguise later and uses it to date Uta.

This fanfic contains examples of: