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Fanfic: Starshine Pretty Cure
All living things possess an Inner Star.

And they all come from one place.

Via Lactea—the kingdom beyond the stars—to be specific. The source of all light in the universe, the place that all hope is born from. Governed by King Altair and Queen Vega, life fostered peacefully under their rule—but after a time, they began to fear for the safety of their kingdom. If they were attacked, who would protect them? Keeping this in mind, the two created the Pretty Cure, selecting the 12 brightest stars to guard the star system. The 12 Pretty Cure settled on the place known as Earth, feeling it needed the most protection.

And for a time, all was well.

Except then it wasn't.

35 years ago, Ophiuchus attacked. Wiping out 11 of the Pretty Cure, only Cure Leo and Usami, one of the mascots, survived—and only because they were forced to flee. In the present day, Cure Leo—Hirui Hidama—has done her best to distance herself from the tragedy, having married and moved away. Having lost her ability to transform due to her guilt, Hirui lives a normal life.

But Ophiuchus is rising again. And what happens when it's Hirui's daughter who must rise up and become a Pretty Cure?

Starshine! Pretty ✰ Cure is a Pretty Cure fanseries created by riynashay, centering around the western zodiac, stars, and constellations. It can be read on Livejournal, Dreamwidth or Fanfiction.Net and though it used to update on Wednesdays, it's currently being released at the speed of free time.

Pretty Cure:

  • Mei Hidama (Cure Aries): The main character. The oldest of three siblings, Mei is kind-hearted and friendly—but can snap if pushed too far. As Cure Aries, Mei controls the power of fire.
  • Ushio Hoshizora (Cure Pisces): Mei's best friend. Ushio wears her emotions on her sleeve and is extremely protective of those close to her. As Cure Pisces, she controls the power of water.
  • Sumire Mabataki (Cure Virgo): A shy rich girl who becomes one of Mei and Ushio's friends. Becomes a Pretty Cure when their friendship restores her faith in the world. As Cure Virgo, she controls the power of earth.
  • Ibuki Kousei (Cure Libra): A transfer student halfway through the series. Her One of the Boys nature directly contrasts her manner of dressing as prettily as she can. As Cure Libra, she controls the power of wind.
  • Hirui Hidama (Cure Leo): The only Cure of the previous generation alive. The guilt of her teammates' demise haunts her—though she regains her abilities when she comes to terms with it. As Cure Leo, she controls the power of fire.


  • Usami: The orphaned Mentor Mascot. A rather cute, cheerful blue teddy bear. He has mild light-based powers, focused on shielding.

The Serpens:

  • Ophiuchus: The Big Bad, a Creepy Child with equally creepy eyes. Too wounded to leave The Void, the members of the Serpens do her dirty work - at least at first. But things take a turn for the unexpected when Ophiuchus quits her position as Big Bad. From then on out, she goes by her real name, Naori Hoshino and is essentially adopted by the Tachibana family.
  • Rasalhague: The Kirk of the trio and the Nice Guy. Considers Ophiuchus a little sister. Revealed to be a piece of Ophiuchus herself.
  • Cebalrai: The Spock of the trio and the seemingly Emotionless Girl. Serves Ophiuchus without question. Also revealed to be a piece of Ophiuchus herself.
  • Marfik: The McCoy of the trio and the Bratty Half-Pint. Will do whatever Ophiuchus asks, but seems to have feelings that run a little deeper. Revealed to be a piece of Ophiuchus herself.
  • Omega: The REAL Big Bad, whoever Omega used to be, it's definitely not human anymore. After Ophiuchus escapes, Omega enslaves the rest of the Serpens...

This fanseries contains examples of:

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