Fan Fic / Megatokyo Campfire Story

This page is to describe the Megatokyo Campfire Story, for lack of a better name, set up in the MT Forums, specifically the SD Fanworks section, known for being? well, out there and quite different from normal people.

This story started out innocently enough as a single thread created by xp194, one of the forumgoers, describing it in the first post as "Chinese whispers with a plot" and that it took place in the world of Megatokyo.

From then on, all bets were off.

The story quickly got large in more ways than one, incorporating stuff from all genres and all tastes, where the forumgoers put themselves in as Author Avatars alongside the original MT characters, and essentially started chaos.

After a while, people began to set everything into a plot where the forumgoers were trapped in MT as their forum personas; the story was usually spearheaded by the unofficial GM, Grimblaze, who also set up the wiki for this story, which has reached 140+ pages across four separate threads, not including the Christmas spinoff (only two more pages, but still?). The core of the story is Tom Johnson (aka Grimblaze) working against the Norse gods in some sort of prophecy involving Destruction or something along those lines (Needless to say, it's quite complicated).

There is now a 'sequel' of sorts, subtitled "School Days", incorporating some characters/elements from the first, but mostly starting over from scratch, making it easier for new people to drop in; there is also a cap on powers/abilites. The plot is also (mostly) controlled by Grimblaze: the local high school now finds itself under the control of one Grigori Rasputin, who decides to mold the schoolchildren into his personal army as part of his return from power; there are many 'specials' with notable talents attending the school as well, some who will have to fight against "Rasp-sensei's" minions?

If it's a critical plot element, it's in spoilers. Many of the original tropes from Megatokyo still apply, along with these:

  • Author Avatar: A newer character to the First Campfire, Logan, appears to be an Avatar of Author Avatars.
  • All Just a Dream? ?Or Was It?
  • Author Appeal: How else would you explain the variety of characters found in the story?
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Close, but a bit off; "Enam Resu" = Username
  • Back from the Dead: B. Katarn.
  • Badass Normal: The Australian Mercenary Patrick; despite his lack of powers he is a terrifying enemy to have against you... And sometimes with you.
    • Well, he's survived being hunted by a squad of gunmen who left him for dead in a burning warehouse, an assassin who was quite a bot more equipped than him, taken on a squad of fifty yakuza, annihilating them with superior tactics, though he almost died then and had to magically healed, has proven to be a quite brutal hand to hand opponent, volunteered to be bait against yet more yakuza, got the crap beaten out of him in several bar fights, had a gun on Dom from Sega of all people and survived that, got attacked by Smith in giant deamon wolf form and WON, has been personally marked by Jack the Ripper for immolation, and just recently went on a nigh suicide mission with John into a Yakuza controlled nightclub with some deep dark secrets to save a pair of students. He failed apparently, but those Yakuza ain't gonna be a problem no more.
Oh, and he spat on the floor in front of a Youkai who had set him and his team up to fail, and constantly questions the Youkai's integrity and honour. Said Youkai has access to a rather large CIA-esque agency. Who can see a bloodbath!